Interesting Facts of May Day from all Around the World

Labor Day, originally is a holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September in the United States.
Started as a celebration of the American labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers.
It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of their country.
Here is the info-graphic that shows the celebration of 1st May in different countries.

Indian Celebrities walk for Pakistani Designers

An infiltration of a “hat ke” kind, we call this in Hindi, has been on in India in the recent months. You can guess the infiltration, from comedy to textiles, from fashion to films and food, Pakistan is the just flavour of the moment in our country.

Just as the Indian fashion designers are making it big in the world fashion scenario, our neighbours, the Pakistani designers are no far behind from our Desi designers.

In the recent times in the fashion scenario of Pakistan, a lawn has become extremely popular and also this is paving its branches to the Indian fashion market, resulting in its huge success in our country. The fashion followers from the entire world wait eagerly for Pakistani designers to launch new designs in this genre featuring the star-studded ramp walk in various exotic locations of the world.

Bollywood celebrities featuring in the ramp walks for Pakistani designers are very common scenario these days, as they feel that the Bollywood stars give a big boost to the sale of the fashion lines. Have the glimpse of some of our famous celebrities featuring in Pakistani designers’ fashion line.

Priyanka Chopra for Fahad Hussayn


Image Source:

Gorgeous actress Priyanka Chopra worked with designer Fahad Hussayn showcasing his super edgy line of lawn collection in the year of 2012.

Kareena Kapoor for Faraz Manan


Image Source:

Our Mrs. Bebo recently made all the eyes turn to her while featuring Designer Faraz Manan Crescent Lawn summer collection 2015 in Goa.

Jacqueline Fernandez for Zainab Chottani


Image Source:

Pretty actress of Sri Lankan origin, Jacqueline Fernandez modelled for the lawn collection of Zainab Chottani this year, which was shot in a campaign in Thailand. This line was launched in collaboration with Lakhany Silk Mills in Pakistan itself.

Nargis Fakhri for Elan


Image Source:

Beautiful American model turned Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri, charmed everyone by walking for the collection of Pakistani designer, Khadija Shah in 2013 whose label Elan has got extremely popular in the lawn designer market.

Dia Mirza for Firdous lawn


Image Source:

Cute actress Dia Mirza spread magic by featuring for the Firdous lawn summer collection 2010. The collection included colourful and traditional Pakistani dresses for the summer collection of lawn suits.

Hire a designer, make a lawn dress. Even better see any of the Pakistani fashion shows and get the inspiration, go to your designer and make the dress according to your priorities. But have at least just one like their collection in your closet and provide your comments here in the box. Stay fashionable and happy reading!!!


Mix and Match – The Trend

The temperatures soaring off the roof indicates one thing, summer has formally here. As there is not a great deal one can do regarding the harsh heat and sticky humidity, so what you can do is just sit back and enjoy Mother Nature and all the fashion that this season has to offer to you.

Summer dressing is all about having fun with clothes. Your wardrobe may already be full of stripes, florals, plaids and dots patterns. On this summer, we recommend you to step out of your comfort zone and discover the vast world of mix and match. When done accurately, mix and match can look crazily high-fashioned and exhale in some life in your wardrobe. Here’s how you can go mega chic with mix and match.

Mixing prints and patterns have just been a fashion favourite for quite a few years. Various Indian designers’ collection offers a world of design prints to choose from like flowers, birds, fruits, Aztec, geometrical designs and digital.


Sku Code:12-5019KT386773, Price: $25

Indo-Western clothing is one of the trendiest styling favourites across the country. Together with the dress, skirts, shorts and pants, a vast variety of tunics, kurtis, churidars and sarees, make the collection very fashion friendly.

Sku Code:374-4457KT29963, Price: $25

Sku Code:374-4457KT29963, Price: $25

For the elegant fashionistas, we suggest you to go for chick prints of black and white for a sophisticated take on the phenomenon of mix and match.

Sku Code:51-5315SL863492, Price: $53

If you are a fan of stripes, go for a striped top with a skirt or a striped kurti white a white or any other matching colour leggings. This mix and match keeps things attractive and extremely fashion forward.

Sku Code:12-5019KT723445, Price: $25

Sku Code:12-5019KT723445, Price: $25

If you want some adventurous clothing, we will suggest you to go for the big bold prints for the upper and a contrasting pattern for the bottom.

Sku Code:372-5319SL951254, Price: $18

Sku Code:372-5319SL951254, Price: $18

The new in fashion printed pants have become our weakness. Wear them and also take a step forward in style with a top of the same shade but of different print to enhance the show.

Sku Code:372-5317SL934333, price: $20

Sku Code:372-5317SL934333, price: $20

This is the super simple mix we can offer to you as the option. Have the mix and match of polka dots and floral prints of top and bottom and add to this playfulness with shoes of a similar pattern either on the top or bottom.

Sku Code:88-4705SL434875, price: $35

Sku Code:88-4705SL434875, price: $35

Embrace prints and colour by going for some brave look of bright hued pieces and bold prints this summer as the new fashion trend. Comment in the box. Stay fashionable with different mix and match outfits throughout this season!!

Ideal Ethnic Wear for Different Indian Body Shapes

Bingo! You have come to the right space. We are here to guide you of wearing ethnic clothes for different Indian body types. India is the country of loads of ethnic fashion, but you need to know which one would look the best for you, in accordance with your body shape. This space will narrow down your selection:

Hourglass shape women’s Ethnic wear:

We can start with the luckiest body type first. Every outfit is absolutely perfect for this curvaceous figure. This figure allows women to try different styles of ethnic dresses and appear ravishing too.

To wear

Anarkali Suit

Festival Anarkali Kameez: Sku Code:41-4858SL447842, Price: $405 , Kurti: Sku Code:260-3261KT735373, Price: $58

There is no such style that does not suit this body type.

Flared Anarkali suits and short kurtis brilliantly harmonize the beauty of this figure.

Not to

Very loose fitting outfits are not right for this sort of figure.

Tip: Have an experiment with retro style ethnic clothes, as these will look good for this body shape.

Apple shape women’s Ethnic wear

This body figure involves heavy lower body with slim arms and lucky curves.

To wear

Anarkali Kameez

Anarkali Kameez: Sku Code:368-5304SL431988, Price: $72, Kurti: Sku Code:12-5019KT718435, Price: $25

Women should go for dresses that focus on their upper body.

Anarkali salwar kameez is the most suitable stylish attire.

Similarly, you can as well opt for A-line kurtis with a V- neck.

Not to

Tight fitted clothes from waist, a collared or heavy neckline are strict no-no.

Tip: Try to avoid any heavy neck accessories as they will draw attention to the upper body.

Pear shaped women’s Ethnic wear

Pear has a triangular form and one can have a figure of pear shape with narrow shoulders and a voluminous lower body part. Women of these sorts should focus on their slim upper portion.

To wear

Anarkali Kameez

Sku Code:243-5216SL978664, price: $73

An Anarkali suit which has layers, Patiala kameez, and embroidered necklines are entirely suited.

These types of figures are needed to be flaunted in an appropriate way, so it is good to opt for lighter shades clothes.

Not to

Tight fitted clothes with narrow bottom should not be opted

Tip: You can go for longer kurtis as they will add length to body.

Rectangular shaped women’s Ethnic wear

This type of body shape has no curves to highlight. It is the straight body type.

To wear

Anarkali Kameez

Off-white Anarkali Kameez: Sku Code:343-3603SL761225, Price: $88, Light Gray and Black Anarkali Kameez: Sku Code:343-3603SL475179, Price $75

Broad necked kurtis and Anarkalis are best clothes to conceal the flaws in this figure with a style and beauty.

There are lots of designer dresses specially designed for this figure in brighter shades.

Not to

Don’t wear clothes which are too tight or too loose

Tip: Try to avoid clothes which have darts at the waist and bust.

Now that you are acquainted with the right attires for your body figure, you can opt for any ethnic styles that suit you the best!!

Do not fail to comment in this space and give your suggestions. Stay fit and fashionable to try different ethnic styles!!


Bold in White in this summer

Whites are cool. Do you agree? There are so many great trends to follow this season, but no trend screams summer the way white does. Many regards white as the palest shade but this shade is now turning up in shapes that are far more alluring than your regular wear shades and that too especially in summer.

Whites are always the predominant colour of summer, so brace your summer with white and add a touch of glam and elegance to your personality. Here are a few ways to bring whites into your wardrobe to have looks which are classic yet so, so glamorous and also surprisingly flattering!

The Jeggings

White Jeggings

Wear a white jeggings with a dark top. You can put on a jacket as well over the top but then the top should be of light colour and the jacket of deep colour. Wear a minimal makeup to give you a smart city look.

The Saree

White Saree

Sku Code:207-5165SA914527, Price: $ 72

If you want dramatic feminine style as well as sensual styles, get yourself a white georgette or chiffon saree with small floral prints, polka dots, stripes, etc. You may wear a deep gorgeous designer blouse and some heavy metallic ornaments with some natural make-up.

The Kurti

White Kurti

Sku Code:12-4685KT635864, Price: $25

Traditional and ethnic fashion style is loved by all. The white kurtis with denims or dark coloured leggings can be a damn combo for you to choose on a hot daytime of summer. A white kurti with chikankari will add to your elegance if chosen.

The Top

White Top

Image Source:

Where tops are concerned, white tops are always very soothing for a hot afternoon of a summer. Try white tops with various patterns to give you the chic look.

The Skirt

White Skirt

Image Source:

If you are an ardent fan of skirts, try white skirt with a different coloured border or a simple golden border or even a full plain skirt. Nothing can beat the gorgeous look and the comfort you will get in this cute attire.

The Handbag

White handbag

Sku Code:360-4839BG384272, Price: $105

We are talking about the clothes and will not talk about the accessories, are that possible? Not at all!!! Gorgeous attire with a gorgeous white handbag or clutch will make your summer completely worthy. Try the combo for once at least.

The Shoes

White Shoe

Image Source:

A pure white footwear and city streets are not a great combination for a happy wearer. But you can give it a try on a typical summer day, especially when you are off to a party. It is lively and something other to wear than black.

If you take a look at all these staple trends, all white is wonderful. It looks rich, elegant and sophisticated. Clothes look costly, especially when paired with golden accessories.
Loved this post? Leave a comment in the box with your suggestions of course. Stay cool and stylish in the summer.

Scented Sensations…

Who doesn’t like flowers? Do you not? Its fragrance, its touch, its sight, color, and even its designs on clothes are all mind boggling. Hot scorching sun is here. This is the time to embrace and flaunt the seasonal floral on your attires, accessories and more. For most of the fashion lovers, flowers are the ultimate symbol of femininity, particularly in the summer. You can always count on a floral fantasy in this season. Whatever flowers you love, sunflowers roses or lilies, we bring to you a range of floral options in your designs. Have a glance:

 Delicately floral

Indian ethnics

Sku Code:314-5231SL104427 , price: $38

Either on Indian ethnics or Western or Indo-Western wear, flowers printed in pastel shades is soothing for the eyes in these hot and humid days. Always opt for lightweight fabrics and use little accessories to beat the heat outside.

 Vibrant blossoms

vibrant floral prints

Sku Code:202-5170SA623243, Price: $39

Look out for bold and vibrant floral prints. The brighter the better. Summer is all about unexpected vibrant blossoms. It gives ultimate relief from the outer climate to body and mind.

 Dark colored floral

Dark coloured floral

Saree: Sku Code:202-5169SA176177, Price: $33 ; Kurti: Sku Code:12-5019KT903116, Price: $25

Perhaps you think that floral designs are all about channeling the brighter spirit of the season, and associate it with cheerful light colors and lively patterns. Dark floral designs are equally popular and impressive in summer.  You may try deep colored floral designed attires with comfortable footwear and light, easy make-up for a change.

 Mismatching floral

mismatched floral

Sku Code:12-5019KT891665, Price: $ 25.00

We get unexpected things when it comes to floral designs. A dress with various beautiful floral patterns sewn together is new and fascinating to many fashion lovers. This can be patchwork or prints featuring rather mismatched floral. Though mismatched, they gel well together along with a pair of heels or shoes.

 Floral with brush strokes

brush stroke printed florals

Sku Code:12-4685KT690893, Price: $25

This is the artistic influence of the designers, which created a myriad of brush stroke printed floral. This one is highly exquisite and imaginative as they hold certain uniqueness.

Okay, now for you we have a cool combination of dress helping you to rediscover the effortless kind of extraordinary in you.

 Take a Twist on whites:

floral-printed Kurti

Gray Printed Kurti: Sku Code:12-5019KT397975, Price: $25;
White Printed Kurti: Sku Code:12-4685KT656805, Price: $25

A floral-printed top will stand out brilliantly against your white bottoms. You can even wear the opposite, white top and floral printed bottom. Have fun with the playful floral prints and colors of whichever combination you decide to stick on. Team up with delicate floral earrings and graceful pair of footwear and a handbag. There you go, all set for an exciting day at the work place.

Say it loud and say it with flowers this summer. Do comment in the box. Stay cool, fit and freshly fashionable in summer!!

Explore the Lakme Fashion Week 2015

Oh wow!!! It’s just like the stars coming down to earth. What?  Don’t you know what  are we talking about? It’s the Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015 celebrating its glorious 15th year with lots and lots of designers presenting their collections. Let us give you a short tour of the fashion week:

Neha Agarwal

Neha Agarwal’s collection derived its idea from Russian attire merged with techniques of Indian origin.

Lakme Fashion Week 2015

Karisma Kapoor ravished the walk on the ramp for her. She wore a pinkish shaded bright floral kaftan over a colourful gown.

Lakme Fashion Week 2015

Image Source:

Suneet Varma

This talented man showcased his grand summer bridal collection on the last day of the fashion week, titled as ‘Decorative Arts of India’. It was a riot of art and colour in his collections.

Lakme Fashion Week 2015

Image Source:

The beautiful actress Nargis Fakhri walked down the ramp for the designer wearing a red bridal lehenga. The lehenga was an exclusive piece of the designer which can make a young bride feel dream come true.

Lakme Fashion Week 2015

Image Source:

Payal Singhal

Her collection was inspired by the Sheesh Mahal in Amer Fort in Rajasthan and named as ‘Palace of Mirrors’ shimmering and shining gloriously.

Lakme fashion Week 2015

Image Source:

Charming actress Tamannaah Bhatia became the showstopper of the designer and charmed the ramp wearing a golden embroidered, rich with mirror work lehenga. Her collection surely made us want for more from the fashion week.

Lakme Fashion week 2015

Image Source:

Pankaj and Nidhi

This talented designer duo presented their colourful inspiration from traditional Iznik pottery of Turkey. Their collection was presented by Omtex was worth a great show in the fashion week.

Lakme Fashion Week 2015

Image Source:

Models walking the ramp with a fresh and too cool line of collections for summer from the designer duo!!!

Lakme fashion Week 2015

Image Source:

Anamika Khanna

Who cannot drool over the collections of this lady? Her theme was ‘Sculpt’ and the collections were hanging in the middle, neither they were Indian nor Western.

Lakme Fashion Week 2015

Image Source:

Bollywood glamorous diva Kareena Kapoor Khan was the esteemed showstopper of this lady designer

Lakme Fashion Week 2015

Image Source:

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

What is there to say about one of the many Gods of fashion in India? His collections were highlighted with floral shades and beautiful breath taking designs, bold combination of patterns.

Lakme Fashion Week 2015

Image Source:

Neha Dhupia gracing the show of the designer and charming the audience with her delightful grace!!!

Lakme Fashion Week 2015

Image Source:

Just signing of with a dreamy smile on your face for ravishing the fashion week! Do comment in the box below. Stay fashionable always!!!