The Story of #Sareenotsorry Movement

Hello fashionistas! We are back again to this space of fashion scoop. We are here with an interesting scoop or rather a story about something.

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The story is about a movement which has made its way to social media and is termed as #Sareenotsorry movement.

A Delhi mall was stormed by a group of 50 women in flashmob fashion, claiming that they were celebrating the Indian heritage. Vandana Gupta, who is the co-founder of Devditi told the Hindustan Times, “We wanted to revive the culture of draping sari in a fun way so that the weaves get the kind of attention they deserve.”

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Devditi is a group aiming to the empowerment of Indian women and the main motive of this group is to celebrate or saree together in various initiatives. In the Delhi mall, they organized a dance routine on quite a few numbers of Bollywood hits and this unique thing came to the headlines.

A video of this initiative is going rounds in the social media and is being shared with a number of pro-saree hashtags on Twitter, #sareenotsorry is among these hashtags.

The main brain behind this #sareenotsorry is Tanya Rawal who is a professor at the University of California at Riverside. Recently she has been back to California from a vacation to India with many sarees from her family member and her mother especially.

She started this #sareenotsorry initially just for the sake of her family to witness what is going on in her life, posting her saree draping photographs on Instagram using the hashtag #sareenotsorry.

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But in the recent few weeks, this hashtag has changed direction into somewhat political movement to grasp the traditional Indian garment and fight off stigma, to be precise a stand against xenophobia and help the Indian-American women to convey what is the meaning of being an Indian in today’s world.

This movement has gone viral and many of the women are putting their photographs wearing sarees in Twitter and Instagram. Rawal said, “Photos of women wearing their sarees are especially powerful, because clothing can be crucial for negotiating one’s own cultural identity.”

Will you take part in this movement? Tell us why. Share your opinions and keep glued to this space for more scoops. Stay stylist!!!

Top 5 Well-Dressed Indian Male Celebs

Hey men folks! Some will comment what is there for a male to dress up. He will just wear a t-shirt or shirt with a jeans and that is all. But in this era, fashion is an important concern for you as well.

You must be thinking by now what is this writer blabbering about. My dear handsome and style concerned male friends and readers, read on what we are going to offer in this post particularly to you.

For fashion inspiration, we all have the tendency to look on at our Bollywood celebs at every small instance, whether we are female or male. Thus just hold your hearts, and check out this list of 5 b-town best dressed male celebs as your icon in fashion for the time being:

Farhan Akhtar

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Our multi-talented director, singer, musician and actor, Farhan Akhtar is quite fashionable when it comes to the topic of fashion. The photographs clicked by Tarun Khiwal for GQ India of the Actor suggest that if you have choice for Farhan type of styling, you can follow him.

Akshay Kumar

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The Khiladi actor of Bollywood movies, Akshay Kumar is another one of the best dressed man of Bollywood. His style is copied by many of his fans from all over the world. Witness his latest style in Errikos Andreou’s clicked image for GQ India and join his league.

Ranveer Singh

The Ramleela star has recently became the cover star of GQ’s best dressed edition. He has developed a way out sense of fashion throughout his Bollywood career.

Arjun Kapoor

Boney Kapoor’s son, Arjun Kapoor clean bowled us with his looks in movies Ishaqzaade and 2 states. His journey of toning down from a fat kid to a hunky man is praiseworthy. Kedar Nene for GQ India’s picture of his will prove why we have kept him in the best dressed male celebs.

Ayushmann Khurrana

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From the day he has come to spotlight with his sperm donor role in Vicky Donor, Actor Ayushmann Khurrana is constantly giving competition to the top celebs in the category of best dressed. R Burman’s click for GQ India proves he has the calibre.

What’s your verdict about these celebs? Is this list appropriate for you to follow or you want some changes? Tell us in the comment box below. And guys have a hunky style!!

Age-old Tradition of Tant sarees from Bengal

What first thing comes to your mind thinking of Bengal? We know, you will divide into two groups while answering this question. One group will stick to “rasogolla” or “misti doi”, to be precise Bengal sweets and the other group will argue on “Bengal tant sarees

Yes, Bengal is obviously famous for these two. Anyone touching the “Bengal maati”, for once in his/her lifetime has surely experienced one or both. Now you can sweet your teeth at the end of this post, after reading the glory of “Bengal tant”.

Let us assume you know nothing of tant sarees. Now we can start from the beginning:


Taant, loved and worn prominently by Bengali women and the traditional attire, is completely woven with cotton fabric. If you have ever seen a tant saree, maybe you can remember that it has translucent quality. These sarees are practically the heritage of West Bengal.

Have a glimpse at the history of the saree:

Tant, which is referred for weaving cotton sarees as well as dhotis and other garments, had been flourished from the 15th century in Shantipur, Nadia district of West Bengal. Even at the Mughal era it gained the royal patronage with jamdani and muslin weaving. These cotton sarees were extensively popular amongst the common folks of that era.

Over the time and after the era of independence of our nation, these sarees witnessed some modernity and improvements in weaving techniques and many other weaving centres became the home of the hindu weavers migrated from Bangladesh.

The weavers of tangail of Bangladesh made Phulia (a town next to Shantipur), their home of weaving as well as Burdwan and Hooghly districts. These regions are now well known for various types of tant weaving.

If you visit any of these districts for getting a glimpse of the weaving, you will be witnessed and be awed by the large number of people weaving these sarees with delicate intricacies. The more delicate the designs the more time it take to finish weaving these sarees which sometimes extends to more than 6 months. Can u believe that?

You might also not know that these sarees are classified according to the regions where they are woven. Read on:

Fulia and Shantipur sarees

Sku Code: 470-6583SA449761, Price: $34

Sku Code: 470-6583SA449761, Price: $34

These are the finest and the best quality tant of recent times. They are soft, of vibrant colours, having intricately woven motifs,

Dhaniakhali sarees

Sku Code: 435-6380SA998888, Price: $68

Sku Code: 435-6380SA998888, Price: $68

These sarees are of good quality, having fewer motifs than the fulia sarees, with striped patterns and pastel shades.

Begampur sarees

Sku Code: 349-3693SA843817, Price: $71.96

Sku Code: 349-3693SA843817, Price: $71.96

Begampur focuses in loosely woven, translucent and light-weight sarees, brightly and deeply shaded.

Kalna and Atpur sarees

Sku Code: 333-2597SA632557, Price: $103.04

Sku Code: 333-2597SA632557, Price: $103.04

While Kalna sarees focuses in tangail style of weaving, Atpur sarees have the quality of being courser than the rest of the tant. Atpur ones are used as the everyday wear by the Bengali women.

Shop for a tant saree now, if you haven’t one in your wardrobe!! Be stylish!!!

Comfortable Celeb Wedding Attires Hacked

Hey to-be brides! As you are going to be married soon, we thought of dedicating another glamorous post to you. The topic is of course your bridal wear!!

Girls’ dream their wedding to be a fairy-tale. They spend months in the planning of their bridal wear, the jewellery, the mehendi designs, the lavish decorations of the venue, the invitation lists, etc.

Wearing the most beautiful bridal dress is the foremost dream of any bride in the entire world. And in India, bridal dresses are something which every girl here look forward too. Although the tradition of wearing elaborate wedding dresses remains the same, it’s only the styles, color and fabric that keep changing.

Various Indian fashion designers, designing the bridal wears, have made a mark in bridal lehengas, sarees and other designer outfits. Names like Anamika Khanna, Rohit Bal, Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Neeta Lulla are famous for presenting bridal couture.

Many of the bridal wears of these designers are designed to give you utmost comfort for your wedding day. With the “havan” and day long rituals, you need a comfortable wedding attire to carry the entire day. Let us see to some of the comfortable celebrity dresses which you can choose as your wedding attire.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

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The queen of many hearts Bebo wore just a simple salwar kameez on her day of registered marriage with Saif Ali Khan. When she came out waving her left hand and holding Saif with her right one, her glow was of a perfect bride one. As registered marriage is compulsory, so we can surely add her attire to the bridal wear list.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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Miss World when turned Mrs Bachchan wore saree. The saree was of silk fabric and orange and yellow shaded. If you follow her wedding images, you will notice how light her wedding saree was. Her dresses came from the designer Neeta Lulla.

Genelia D’Souza

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Bubbly Genelia D’Souza or rather Genelia Deshmukh Christian wedding gown is another example of comfortable and easy to carry wedding attire. Even her red Maharashtrian wedding saree was not a heavy one to drape.

Shilpa Shetty

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Image Source:

The “UP, Bihar lootne” girl stole Raj Kundra’s heart in a red saree on her wedding day, which was heavily embroidered. But the embroidery did not steal away her comfort of wearing the saree. The draping style was so neat and compact that it looked perfect wedding attire. Well, draping style is another point of comfort for you.

Kiran Rao

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Kiran Rao married Mr Perfectionist, Aamir Khan, in South Indian wedding saree which is a white saree with golden border. These are made of silk and are extreme comfort table to wear. You can definitely make a choice of these sarees at your wedding.

Mira Rajput

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She is the most recent celeb of b-town who stole the spotlight along with her charming hubby Shahid Kapoor in Manish Malhotra’s bridal wear at her wedding reception. You can surely follow her footsteps.

The celebrities prefer to drape comfortably in sarees or lehengas and compliment the attires with heavy and bold jewelries. For your wedding you too can follow this trend of the celebs.

Go ahead with your wedding shopping and share all your experiences with us. Good luck and stay stylish!!!

Re-trend Your Plain Saree

Hi gorgeous! Do you have a plain saree in your wardrobe? Are you making out plans to give it a stunning makeover, or a complete new look? Think about how different embellishments adding to it will give an appealing look to the saree,

Let us help you to make the designer of your own saree, adding some styles to it. For the basics you can follow some of the well-known designers for ideas of what types of add-ons you will like to add to your plain saree.

Read on some of the methods we can suggest you to make your saree a stunning one:

Dye your saree

A simple method to re-design your boring and dull plain saree is to dye it in different colour to the saree. You just need to choose the colour scheme which is your favourite and suits well with your complexion. Dye your saree and you are ready to create your own style statement.

Tie n dye

Shilpa Shetty In Tri Color Saree

Image Source:

Another way to revamp your plain saree by your own self is to tie n dye. Many Bollywood divas, especially Shilpa Shetty, like this trend too much. Tie n dye your plain saree in dark and light colour contrast or bright neon colours and rock the world.

Add border


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You can add lace border, brocade border, embroidered border, velvet border, light border, heavy border; stone border, beads border, gold border, silver border and to be precise every type of border to your plain saree will look awesome. A saree decorated with borders gives a vibrant look to the wearer and lifts the style statement a few notches up. The red saree with golden embroidered border Kareena is wearing in Ra one can be taken as example.

Wear a gorgeous blouse


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A blouse is a part of the saree draping. So why not use it to revamp your plain saree to a new and trendy look. You just need to select a suitable, trendy and gorgeous blouse to your plain saree, wear it and flaunt your style statement. For an instance you can follow Deepika Padukone and her style of plain red chiffon saree with brocade and zari embroidered pink blouse she wore at a film press conference.

Add small embellishments

The body of a plain saree can be embellished and made to be looked chick with various small decorative items such as, beads, stones, embroidery, mirror work, etc. You can also add patches to your saree to give it a new chic look. These add-ons to the saree are easy to add at home and you become the designer of your trendy saree.

Enjoy your new talent by designing the plain sarees of your closet and share your experience of designing with us in the comment box below. Stay stylish!!

Style like Bollywood at Diwali

And our favorite festival is here, with all the glittering lights, decorations and sounds of firecrackers.

If there is a great time to flaunt your style statement, it is now. This is the time when the store windows get festive upgrade for all the continuous festivities of our nation. And we cannot help but flow in the flood of festivities and fun. Now the question is, are you ready for Diwali?

With Diwali so near, one of the best things about these festivals is to dress up. Fashion has forever been synonymous with Bollywood. We, the common and freaky fans of Bollywood celebs, are smitten by the bug of their fashion. So during festivities as well, we try to follow our favorite celebrities copying their style.
Go through to take a look at how you can dress like your favorite celeb from movies during festivities.

Sonam Kapoor of Aisha


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Sonam Kapoor, can we forget her or her style statements? Remember the golden colour saree of her, the maang tikka and the dangling earring. For a house party it is the perfect attire. Glamorous but sweet one! You can easily copy this style for yourself.

Rani Mukherjee in K3G


Image Source:

Who will not include a Karan Johar’s film and the glamour of the celebs in their list to follow? Remember the title song where all are singing and dancing and waiting for their “ankhon ka taara” Rahul. If you remember the song, Rani wore lehenga maang tikka and choker necklace and other accessories.

3 divas of Mohabbatein


Image Source:

If you want to look mod and trendy, go for the lehenga and accessories like the three YRF divas had worn in the song “Pairon me bandhan hain” reuniting with their heroes. Check out their look and you can make a fusion with that look or copy the entire look for your Diwali celebrations.

Bollywood has been successful in capturing the essence of Diwali truly. You can find it in the ambiance as well as the idea of fashion to follow. And it is not the case just for Diwali, but for each festival celebrated in our nation.

Enjoy the festivities with your dear one and do not forget to comment in the box below. And of course stay stylish!!!

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