Fashion Tips to Like a Million Dollars in Salwar Kameezes

Salwar kameezes have been one of the most traditional outfits donned by Indian women. Starting from the Bollywood style of the 70s till the present-day trend of designer salwar kameezes, there has been a gradual evolution in the style and pattern of the dresses. These days, salwar kameezes are just as popular as sarees and actresses and models are often found flaunting them in fashion shows and on red carpets.

With any reputed fashion portals online, it is not quite difficult to lay your hands upon party salwar kameezes or wedding salwar kameezes online. What is more important is choosing dresses that fit you perfectly well while also complimenting your silhouette. So, what are the latest trends in salwar kameezes? Let’s take a quick look at these and pick the best one eventually.

Soft and Flowy Fabrics

The modern-day trend is to wear fabrics that drape well, hug the body of the wearer and make her look slim and trim. As such, chiffon, pure georgette and crepe are emerging popular. Another reason behind the preference for these fabrics lies in their ability to uphold the embroidery works in a more prominent way than fabrics like net, silk and so on.

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Focus on Intricacy

Polka dots and bobby prints never quite go out of style. However, small and more delicate prints are preferred over the big prints. This is because the more intricate the work, the better it accentuates the figure of the wearer. Since the present call is to look in perfect shape, the designs are thought of accordingly.

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Carfeul Choice of Salwar and Churidar

Patialas, broad salwars and churidars all look good in their own ways and you can pick out any of these. However, if you are particularly on the thinner side, wear patialas and if on the heavier side, wear churidars. Shorter kurtis and long kameezes go well with broader pants and churidars respectively.

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Feel Smart from Inside

While these tricks will certainly play their role in rendering you with a stylish appearance, there are few less known facts. To look good, you need to feel smart and slipping into a pair of high heels fulfills this purpose. Also, remember to get your salwar kameez stitched in the right manner. A well stitched outfit, regardless of its fabric, design, color and so on.

4 Ways to Turn Traditional Salwars into Happening Party Wears

Salwar kammezes are not only of the most beautiful but also preferred Indian ethnic wears, worn by women all over the world. This particular type of ethnic attire is suitable for women of varying ages too. Over the years, with changes in people’s tastes and fashion statements, there has been an evolution in the salwar kameez designs and patterns.

So, you have anarkali kameezes, short kurtis, pant kameezes, patialas and so on. However, many believe that salwar kameezes are not quite happening and that these are not as trendy as the western wears. Such ideas are nothig but misconceptions and if you are a true ethnic lover, here is a list of few simple designs which will make your much loved salwar kameez a perfect party wear.

Designer Necklines

Designers have brought forth different types of neckline designs apart from the usual round and v-cut. The neckline part is often embroidered so intricately that the wearer might not need to wear a necklace or neck piece. The design of the salwar kameez serves the purpose.

Halter Necks, Backless and Deep Cut Necks

Go for a deep cut in the front or back and your traditional salwar kameez can be given a modern look. You can also opt for a backless or halter neck one and enhance your sensous quotient in any party or ocassion.

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Asynmetrical and Curved Cuts

An asynmetrical or curved cut at the bottom of the kameez gives an unconventional edge to the entire apparel. Lawn kameezes with these cuts look gorgeous.

Go for Spaghetti Straps

Salwar kameezes with spaghetti straps will make you strike the right blend of the traditional and urban look. A net or georgette kameez with spaghetti straps is a perfect wear for parties and ocasions.

So, all set to buy printed and embroidered party anarkali salwar kameezes online? Experience a wide variety of cuts, patterns, designs and more only at Sareez.

The Origin of the Grand Indian Silk Sarees

India, among other things, is famous for an array of traditional ethnic wears. Different types of sarees, especially silk sarees that are today worn by women all over the world, originated in the various Indian states. In fact, India is quite a popular supplier of silk to the entire world, where the fabric is held in high regard.

If this sounds interesting and you are desirous of knowing more about the Indian traditional sarees, here is an overview of which place is famous for which particular type of silk.

Banarasi, perhaps the most extravagat of the different varieties of Indian sarees, got its very name from the place called Varanasi. The opulent banarasi sarees are typically worn by the Indian bengali brides on their wedding day. Embellished with golden or silver resham thread or zari, the sarees are found in katan and pure siik.

Mysore silk, yet another variety of Indian silk sarees, originated in the south Indian state of Karnataka. The uniqueness of the sarees lies not in its gaudiness but the shiny texture and the plain border in a contrasting color. Mysore silk sarees are of very high quality and they echo striking elegance. The wearer of these sarees look naturally sober, sophisticated and beautiful.


Kanjeevaram silk sarees come from Tamil Nadu and they are the popular bridal attire of the south Indian brides. Kanjeevaram silks are extremely preferred for their lustrous quality, usually dark colors and elaborate pallu designs. These sarees are largely available in states like Bangalore.


Your idea of buying silk sarees online remains incomplete without knowledge of the Pashmina or Kashmiri silk sarees. Certainly not as smooth in texture as the other varieties of silk, pashmina silk is perfect for wearing in the cool climates. The USP of these sarees is that they drape too well and accentuate the figure of the wearer.

Although all the above-mentioned varieties of silk are reflective of the different states of India, you can get them all at one place now. Sareez, a reputed online fashion portal dealing in a range of silk sarees and more, offers excellent ethnic wears at best prices.

Tips to Look Slimmer in Ethnics

The wedding season is on and so is your consistent efforts at turning heads around you in these occasions. It is but a desire of every woman to look beautiful and elegant as always. Now, those who are not blessed with an hour-glass figure often go for strict dieting in order to look slimmer and hence, smarter. However, the right way of dressing can actually lessen your worries to a great extent while also fulfilling your wish to appear thinner than your usual size.
Here, take a look at some of the tricks that can help you hide those extra flabs and stay confident about your looks.
Wear Straight Cut Lehengas
To begin with, if you are planning to wear a lehenga, make sure that it is a straight cut one or a fish tail lehenga instead of the ones with heavy flairs. This is particularly applicable for women with a heavier bottom part. Straight lehengas make your legs look longer. Teaming it up with a slightly embroidered blouse is a good option. You can buy wedding lehengas online from the reputed online fashion portals to experience wide varieties.

Vertical Stripes Should Be Your Pick
Striped sarees are loved and preferred by most women. If it is a corporate party, you can certainly dress yourself up in a vertical print saree or salwar kameez. Vertical stripes work tremendously well in making short women look taller and slimmer too. Don a chiffon or pure georgette saree in bright colour and look your best.

Black Magic

Surprising it might seem but it is a fact that the colour black makes the wearer of the dress look slim and more in shape. Even designers are of the view that a black kameez combined with a contrasting salwar and dupatta can turn out to be a simple yet striking style statement. Wearing a single colour is very much in vogue. Going monotone with subtle prints in the dupatta or scarf leads to the appearance of a tall body structure.

Prefer Jackets and Shrugs
Jackets work wonders in hiding heavy arms and broad shoulders. So, if you are not quite comfortable about the upper part of your body, wear shrugs and jackets. Fashion portals dealing in a range of Indian sarees online will offer you with beautifully embroidered jackets and designer blouses to go well with the dress you wear.

With these tips, you can be all set to rock any party with the desired looks and immense confidence.

Sherwanis: The Quintessential Dress for the Indian Grooms

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and magnificence. It is not without reason that the Indian weddings are recognized as being “The Great Indian Weddings” all over the world. As such, attires occupy a very significant place in Indian marriages. A lot of planning goes into deciding the design, colour and style of the dress to be worn on the very special day. Even jewelleries and accessories demand a massive amount of importance. And these days, it is not just the bridal dress that is in focus but also the grrom’s attire that should very much complement what the bride is wearing. It would be rather interesting to note that men are gearing up for dressing themselves up in ethnics instead of the very conventional suits hence, the popularity of sherwanis.

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Taking a quick look at the origin, long back, sherwani was actually the dress code of the Persian and Turkish nobles of the Mughal Empire. With time, it gradually turned into the traditional wear for the common men. Customization in terms of design, patterns and colours led to the recognition of sherwanis, jodhpuri suits and even kurta pyjamas.

If you are planning to buy wedding sherwanis online, you will find certain fashion portals dealing in a range of these attires for men. However, here is a list of essential points you must be aware of in order to make a better choice.

Sherwanis usually have ban collars and buttons in front. As such, the ideal length of the sherwani should be much below the knees. A turban or mojaris in contrasted colour must accompany a sherwani.

Wedding sherwanis can be of different types depending on the type of zardosi and embroidery work. The two most common varieties are Peshawri and Baloochi.

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The fitting of the dress is crucial. A sherwani should neither be body hugging nor too loose. A perfectly fitted sherwani is one that accentuates the shoulder part of the wearer and makes him look suave and smart.

As far as fabrics are concerned, sherwanis and jodhpuri suits are usually found in silk. The better the quality of the fabric, the higher is the price.

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While it is a common notion that wedding dress, whether for men or for women, has to be in dark colours such as red, maroon and golden, muted colours are increasingly on the rise. Consequently, you can wear sherwanis in crème, beige and so on and look strikingly different and handsome.

If you are willing to buy party sherwani online, take a look at the collection at Sareez and you can get a number of options to choose from. Sareez also provides after-sales customization of the dresses to ensure perfect fit.

Popular Varieties of Sarees from Bengal

Sarees have always played an essential role in enhancing the beauty of women. It is perhaps the beautiful blend of tradition and modernity that this particular ethnic wear strikes at that makes it popular across boundaries and ages. While sarees are preferred by women all over the world, it is undoubtedly most worn by the Indian women. In fact, when we talk about the attire of the quintessential Bengali woman, it is saree that first comes to our mind. Bengal has indeed gifted ethnic lovers with some wonderful varieties of sarees. Consequently, tant and jamdani are two of the most popular fabrics, associated with Bengal. Let’s delve a little deeper into these to help you choose better next time you are up for buying casual sarees or festival sarees online.

The Bengali Cotton Sarees

It is the comfort quotient of the cotton sarees that have made them so widely preferred and popular not just in West Bengal but also elsewhere. Some of the variants of cotton sarees are:

  • Tant Sarees

Originating in Nadia, Hooghly and Murshidabad of West Bengal, tant sarees are typically Bengali sarees and they never quite lose their charm. Many women prefer the coarse quotient of the fabric. The colour combinations vary greatly. While some of these sarees have buti work all over, others feature intricate thread work and patterns. Pujas and festivals are hard to imagine without women draping themselves in tant sarees.

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  • Dhakai Jamdani

Basically a cotton handloom fabric made with the finest variety of what is referred to as ‘muslin’, Jamdani comes across as one of the most labor intensive types of handloom weaving. Named after the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhakai jamdani is one of the highly preferred varieties of these sarees. A dhakai jamdani should be your pick if you are looking for gorgeous cotton sarees online. Linear designs in different colours along with floral motifs all over the body characterize the Dhakai jamdani sarees.

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  • Tangail Sarees

Coming from the Tangail village of Bangladesh, the tangail sarees are very distinctly identifiable for they feature designs and patterns in the form of lamp, lotus and fish scales. Another speciality of these sarees is the bright colour combination on the pallu of the sarees.

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  • Dhonekhali Sarees

Originating in the Dhianiakhali district of Hooghly in West Bengal, the Dhonekhali sarees have borders in bright and dark colours like red, purple, black and so on. These sarees usually have a longer life compared to the other varieties.

The Bengali Silk Sarees

Silk sarees have a certain kind of elegance about them and here is a list of silk sarees considered to be Bengali in style and in essence.

  • Garad Silk Sarees

It is hard to imagine durga pujas, weddings and certain other festivals without women clad in garad silk sarees. These sarees are highly traditional and are mostly found in white or crème colour with borders in red. These are also the pricey varieties of the silk sarees.

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  • Baluchari Sarees

Named after a village called Baluchari in the Murishidabad district of West Bengal, Baluchari sarees depict unconventional motifs and patterns including that of episodes from epics. Historical allusions occupy a significant part of the themes of these sarees. The grandeur of the baluchari sarees makes these a perfect wear for the newly-weds in particular.

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  • Korial Sarees

Korial is a very sober variety of silk sarees, suitable for wearing in festivals. Bengali women are often found donning this particular type of saree in pujas and other occasions. The uniqueness of the sarees lies in the placement of the contrasted borders.

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These popular Bengali sarees along with few others are worn all over the world. Even celebrities are often spotted flaunting these in red carpets and other occasions. Reputed online fashion portals like Sareez can get you the best of such Indian sarees online.

Get to know about the popular varieties of Bengali sarees in particular. Pick out the ones of your choice and look elegant as always.

Cotton Sarees You Can Consider Wearing this Poila Baisakh

It is just a few days before the Bengalis all over the world indulge in the celebration of Poila Baisakh, the very first day of a whole new year. Noboborsho, as it is popularly referred to as, is marked by new clothes, a large variety of foods that includes certain special types of sweets, family reunions and so on. Needless to mention, Bengali women prefer wearing none other than the exclusively Bengali ethnic wear, sarees, on this particular day. Irrespective of whether you are married or not, you must be planning to wear saree this Noboborsho. However, considering the extremely hot and humid summer weather, cotton saree is the best- possible option, especially if you are up for a daytime get together.

Cotton sarees come in huge varieties these days and this is because each of the Indian states has its special variety. In fact, apart from the simple printed ones, you can also find designer sarees in cotton from some of the reputed stores online. Here is a list of cotton sarees that you can consider donning on the very auspicious Poila Baisakh.

Tant Sarees

The quintessential Bengali seems to be in love with this particular variety. Tant sarees come in various designs and the speciality of this type lies in its crisp texture. A light colour tant with light threads work or buti work goes perfectly well with the essence of the Bengali New Year.

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Dhakai/Jamdani Sarees

Originating in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dhakai sarees have always been loved and preferred by the Bengali women. The unique pattern of thread work in contrasting colours makes the wearer look elegant and dignified. In Jamdani sarees golden threads are used for the embroidery. These days, you can also find self-worked Dhakai, where the base colour and the colour of the thread is the same.

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Chanderi Cotton Sarees

Originating from the central states of India, chanderi cotton sarees are among the new entrants in the field of stylish cotton sarees. The good thing about the chanderi cotton sarees is that they have a natural shimmer. These semi-transparent sarees are lightweight, soft and therefore comfortable.

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So, if you are all set to buy Indian sarees online, consider looking for these varieties and you will definitely get a lot of options to make you spoilt for a choice.


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