Cotton Sarees You Can Consider Wearing this Poila Baisakh

It is just a few days before the Bengalis all over the world indulge in the celebration of Poila Baisakh, the very first day of a whole new year. Noboborsho, as it is popularly referred to as, is marked by new clothes, a large variety of foods that includes certain special types of sweets, family reunions and so on. Needless to mention, Bengali women prefer wearing none other than the exclusively Bengali ethnic wear, sarees, on this particular day. Irrespective of whether you are married or not, you must be planning to wear saree this Noboborsho. However, considering the extremely hot and humid summer weather, cotton saree is the best- possible option, especially if you are up for a daytime get together.

Cotton sarees come in huge varieties these days and this is because each of the Indian states has its special variety. In fact, apart from the simple printed ones, you can also find designer sarees in cotton from some of the reputed stores online. Here is a list of cotton sarees that you can consider donning on the very auspicious Poila Baisakh.

Tant Sarees

The quintessential Bengali seems to be in love with this particular variety. Tant sarees come in various designs and the speciality of this type lies in its crisp texture. A light colour tant with light threads work or buti work goes perfectly well with the essence of the Bengali New Year.

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Dhakai/Jamdani Sarees

Originating in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dhakai sarees have always been loved and preferred by the Bengali women. The unique pattern of thread work in contrasting colours makes the wearer look elegant and dignified. In Jamdani sarees golden threads are used for the embroidery. These days, you can also find self-worked Dhakai, where the base colour and the colour of the thread is the same.

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Chanderi Cotton Sarees

Originating from the central states of India, chanderi cotton sarees are among the new entrants in the field of stylish cotton sarees. The good thing about the chanderi cotton sarees is that they have a natural shimmer. These semi-transparent sarees are lightweight, soft and therefore comfortable.

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So, if you are all set to buy Indian sarees online, consider looking for these varieties and you will definitely get a lot of options to make you spoilt for a choice.

A Look at the Most Popular Trends in Salwar Kameezes

While saree is undoubtedly the most popular one among the wide range of Indian ethnic wears, salwar kameeszes are next in line. This particular dress has been worn by women across India and Pakistan since ages, and the appeal continues to be the same. In fact, salwar suits are probably the most widely worn Indian dresses that are considered comfortable by women of all ages and cultures. A salwar suit can make the wearer look elegant, chic, sensuous and even gorgeous. As such, the popularity of this apparel has brought forth certain new trends in designs, cuts and patterns. You can come across impressive varieties of salwar kameezes at any reputed designer salwar kameez store online.

A salwar suit is as suitable as a regular wear as it is ideal for wearing in parties and occasions. Hence, your personal wardrobe must boast of a good collection of it. Here are few prominent trends in the cuts, designs and overall style of salwar suits that you must check out and be aware of while picking out one for yourself:

Anarkali Style Churidar Kameez

The Anarkali churidar kameezes are not new in fashion, but they have become immensely popular these days owing to the elegant flairs, rich colours, finest prints and intricate embroideries. Anarkalis have a natural grandeur and elegance about them that make the wearer spell femininity in the truest sense of the term. In fact, anarkali kameezes suit most body types and are also preferred as bridal wears in recent days.

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Patiala Kameez

Originating from and named after a district in Punjab, India, this particular type of salwar kameez is a favourite asset in the wardrobe of today’s modern woman. While the kameez is a tight-fitted short length one, the Patiala has several pleats loosely stitched together with the bottom part getting narrower. The Patiala salwar kameezes enable the wearers strike the much-desired blend of elegance, style and comfort. Some of the patiala salwars also come with thread works, beads and embroideries. Addition of the borders and laces to the dupattas makes these look absolutely stunning and gorgeous.

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Pakistani Lawn Kameez

If you are looking for an ethnic wear that renders an extra edge to your look and makes you feel special, shop for designer salwar kameez online. Lawn kameezes are definitely in vogue and these long ankle- length churidar kameezes come with elaborate embroideries making these perfect for wearing in weddings and other occasions.

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Get informed about the most popular and prominent trends in salwar kameezes. Look stylish and different in each of them.

Popular and Trendy Colours in Ethnic Wears this Season

The present trends in Indian bridal dresses or ethnic wears in general have witnessed changes in design patterns, embroidery styles, as well as colour combinations. As such, certain unconventional colours have come to the forefront and it is undeniable that these colours are playing important roles in enhancing the overall appeal of the dresses. In fact, gone are the days when a bridal saree or lehenga would necessarily be red, though it continues to be a popular colour too. Designers are experimenting with colour contrasts and the results are in, most cases, worth admiration.

So, this wedding season, if you are planning to buy Indian bridal sarees or lehengas for yourself or a dear one, consider trying the following colours:

Royal Blue

Not a very unconventional colour though, this particular shade of deep blue teams up well with red and pink to pave the way for fabulous lehenga cholis. The colour suits women irrespective of their complexion. A royal blue saree or lehenga with contrasted choli and intricate embroidery works comes across as the perfect bridal dress. However, those with lighter thread works can be worn on the pre-wedding occasions too.

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Tangerine Orange

Popularized by the famous fashion designer Manish Malhotra, orange works wonders as a colour for sarees and lehengas. The good thing about the colour is that it can be contrasted with a whole range of colours like gold, yellow, red, coral, and pink and so on. Go a little unconventional and you can surely turn out to be the centre of all attractions in any wedding party. As far as accessories are concerned, it would be a good idea to stick to the traditional gold jewellery.

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If you are all set to buy wedding lehengas and look dazzling, go for magenta. This bright colour brings out the beauty and femininity of a woman in the most desirable way. Magenta is a preferred colour for bridal wears also because it makes the wearer look naturally glowing. Embroideries in silver thread enhance the magic of this colour.

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Gold Combined with Silver and Ivory

For those, who have a fascination for light colours, the silver-gold or the ivory-gold combination is just perfect. Bridal lehengas in this colour will usually come with embroideries in off-white thread. Overall, the wearer will look extremely trendy and unconventional.

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So, stay informed about the trendy colours in Indian ethnic wears. Find out what is in fashion and look drop-dead gorgeous in the colour of your choice.

Tips on Choosing the Ideal Bridal Lehenga

It is the dream of every bride to look like a princess on her wedding day. The natural grandeur and elegance of a lehenga choli accentuates the femininity of a bride and it is therefore that you must take special care while choosing wedding lehengas. Once you set out to buy lehengas for your wedding, you will find a range of designer wedding lehengas on sale, wide enough to make you spoilt for a choice. However, the best way to get the perfect lehenga for the day would be by asking yourself few questions, considering few factors and getting rid of the prevalent misconceptions.

Prefer Comfort over Exclusivity

To begin with, many commit the mistake of looking for something really exclusive. There is nothing wrong in choosing a unique lehenga choli, designed by perhaps the best designer in town. But, the exclusivity loses its justification if the dress neither suits your body type nor makes you feel comfortable. So, the first thing you should consider is whether you are comfortable wearing the attire or not.

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Go for a Perfectly Fitted Dress

The lehenga choli that you wear on your wedding or reception party should fit you perfectly well. It should seem that the dress was just made for you and was waiting to be donned by you. Remember in this respect that a well-fitted dress naturally makes the wearer look and feel beautiful from inside.

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Select the Colour Accordingly

The colour of the lehenga choli is certainly an essential factor and it is here that you need to do a little bit of thinking. The choice of colours should primarily depend upon your complexion. So, while those with a darker complexion should go for the bright colours, the somewhat fair brides can choose the lighter shades like light pink, onion pink, rust and peach. However, what is most important is striking the right colour combination. A contrasting choli would look absolutely fabulous on a bride.

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Choose Embroideries Carefully

Lehengas are among the most gorgeous and heavily embroidered Indian ethnic wears. When it comes to the bridal lehengas, you will find these dresses studded with stone work, zari, thread works and many more, often making it very heavy one. Make sure that the dress does not overwhelm your figure. Ideally, it should accentuate your figure, enhance your beauty and compliment your overall appearance. So, consider your height, weight, personal preference and comfort factor while choosing the embroidery styles and patterns. After all, it is the bride not the dress which is going to be the centre of all attentions.

You can go online to buy Indian bridal sarees and lehengas. Some of the reputed fashion portals dealing in a range of Indian ethnic wears can be your best guide in getting the much- desired bridal look on the very special day.

Fashionable Trends in Sarees for 2014

The appeal of sarees is timeless and ageless. Such is the charm of this particular female ethnic wear that women all across the world crave for. Famous B-town celebrities are found donning sarees in not just parties and functions, but also in events abroad. In fact, quite a few varieties of sarees are actually popularized by celebrities. So, if you have a fascination for this six-yard piece of clothing and want to enhance your feminine appeal wearing this, here are few trends in sarees that will merge even more popular in the present year. Staying aware of these will certainly make your task of buying Indian sarees online a lot easier and fruitful.

Sarees with Laces

The lace sarees mark one of the many ways in which sarees have turned out to be fashionable attires for the present generation women. This soft and suave fabric comes in varying styles that include the bobbin lace, needle lace, chemical lace, crocheted lace and knotted lace. Delicate embellishments in gold and silver add to the beauty of the lace sarees. A light coloured lace saree is best teamed up with dark coloured blouse and junk accessories. These sarees should be your ideal choice if you are opting for a bold look.

Net Sarees

Net sarees have been in trend for quite some time now, and this year, you are likely to see more of these sarees in unique colour combinations and intricate embroideries. The good thing is that the fabric is extremely versatile and hence blends naturally well with the other fabrics like silk, crepe and so on. While looking for net sarees on sale, you can either go for the simple ones or the ones with heavy thread work, stone work or zardosi designs. The sarees are essentially gorgeous and if draped in the right way, can make the wearer look sensuous and stunning.


Jacquard and Brasso Sarees

Even though these fabrics are nothing new, jacquard and brasso sarees are the favourites of today’s women. It is the natural shimmer and lustrous quotient of the sarees that makes the wearer look elegant, stylish and trendy, all at the same time.
You can find these trendy sarees in a wide range of colors and designs from the recognized fashion portals bringing forth fascinating collections of Indian ethnic wears.

How to Dress up in Sarees for All Occasions

Saree, besides being one of the most elegant Indian ethnic wears, is also extremely versatile. There isn’t a single occasion in which you cannot wear a saree. However, the sarees that you wear for the different occasions should vary in terms of color, fabric, texture, designs, patterns and so on. These days, sarees occupy an important part of the collection of designer wears thereby offering ethnic lovers with increased choices and options. Your choice of the saree determines as to whether you turn heads around you or end up being the worst dressed person in the occasion. So, how do you lay your hands upon the perfect saree for the specific occasions? Here, take a look:

Deck up in Light Colors for Daytime Functions

If you are up for attending a daytime function, you need to keep precisely two things in mind. First, the color should be light preferably white or the lighter shades of cream, beige, pink or sky blue. Second, the saree should be in simple yet classy fabric like cotton.

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Bright Colors and Glossy Fabrics for Parties

Gone are the days when party wears would be predominantly western outfits. You can go for fabrics like net, velvet, crepe and faux georgette while going for a dinner party with friends or office colleagues. The color can be as bright as you want it to be. Glossy red, green, royal blue, purple or any other such vibrant color will let you steal the show.

Make a Mark in the Corporate World with Raw Silk

Sarees are also considered formal ethnic wears and therefore, you can dress yourself up in one while getting ready for a corporate meeting at your workplace. Raw silk and cotton sarees in light and essentially mutted colors will brilliantly serve the purpose of rendering you with an extremely impressive and smart look. In fact, you can try out the designer silk sarees for more unique and unconventional designs that will surely lead to an appreciation of your dressing sense in the corporate world.

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A More Traditional Look for Pujas and Festivals

A jamawar, kanjeevaram or Bengali tant saree is just too perfect for wearing in pujas. These are typical traditional sarees and get along well with the spirit of the occasion. On the other hand, a heavily embroidered or printed silk saree is suitable for festivals like Holi and Diwali. Team it up with junk jewelleries and be certain of looking your best.

Flaunt Heavy Embroideries in Weddings

No other saree works out in a better way than the heavily embellished zardosi sarees when it comes to weddings. You can also go for the designer net sarees that are simply gorgeous and chic. However, newly weds can prefer Benarasi sarees, known for their close association with the Bengali brides since time immemorial.

img 2 for wordpressKeep the Transparent Chiffon for a Romantic Date

Last but not the least, if you are going on a date and want to drape a saree for that special moment, you must choose a slightly transparent net or a body hugging chiffon georgette. Choose the color carefully and keep it light as, that will enhance your sensuous appearance to great heights. The bollywood designer sarees can be simply too great for the purpose.

Top 5 Varieties of Must-Have Festival Sarees

India is famous for the number of festivals celebrated throughout the year. Apart from festivals like Diwali and Holi that are celebrated by people all over the country, there are many others that represent the religious beliefs and culture of certain Indian states. With festivals occupying such important part of everyone’s, especially the women’s lives, dressing up right and in keeping up with the spirit of the occasion becomes essential. So, here are the top 5 types of sarees that you can consider wearing exclusively in festivals.

Banarasi Sarees

While the banarasi silk sarees are closely associated with the Bengali brides since time immemorial, these are equally suitable for wearing in festivals. The newlyweds are often found having a strong inclination towards this particular variety of Indian ethnic wear. As such, few other varieties of sarees can hardly replace the dignified appeal of a red embroidered banarasi saree that remains an all time favourite of Indian women.

Dhakai Sarees

Originating from and named after Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, the Dhakai sarees come with typical thread embroideries and buti works. The uniqueness of the sarees lies in their unconventional blend of simplicity and grandeur. The Dhakai sarees are usually found on cotton or a material called Jamdani. A red and white dhakai is an ideal saree for any of the Indian festivals.

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Tant Sarees

Weaved mostly in West Bengal and Bangladesh, the tant sarees are simply lovely. These sarees are found in huge varieties; you can find them in bright colours as well as lighter shades and with heavy embroideries to simple thread works. Tant sarees are extremely comfortable for wearing during the daytime and hence, come across as perfect festival sarees.

Designer Sarees

Whatever the festival or occasion is, looking trendy is important and the designer sarees can serve your purpose perfectly well. You can consider buying the designer sarees online and you will certainly be able to lay your hands upon a wide variety of sarees that strike the right blend of traditional appeal and modern designs.

Paithani Sarees

The combination of the lustrous silk, embroideries in zari and golden thread and peacock designs in the pallu of the sarees makes the paithani sarees ideal for festivals. Originating in Maharashtra, India, these sarees are also reflective of the Buddhist culture. They have a typical grandeur about them, making them must-have festival sarees in the personal wardrobe of every woman.


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