Celebrate International Women’s Day with Sareez

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International Women’s Day is a worldwide happening that celebrates women’s attainment – from the political to the social. Indian woman is pretty, kind, motherly yet strong. Indian society looks up to their women folk to take the show, which is slowly occurring. When India becomes a global force, surely there will be the notable contribution from great women. Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March every year. As it is a special day for every woman, one should also focus on the outfit and fashion for this special day celebration. Continue reading

Ethnic Traditional Attires in The Colours of The Nation on Independence day

independence-day-wallpaperIt is a great idea to opt for these colourful and stylish ethnic outfits when you wish to celebrate national festivals by showing patriotic fervour. Different people have different ways of exhibiting their love for nation. The traditional women in India enjoy wearing colours of the try colour to reveal their patriotism. Here are some traditional salwar suits and saris that are based on the Indian tricolour:-

Color-Blocked Salwar Kameez

Salwars and saris have been popular Indian ethnic outfits. It is one of the most simple, yet expressive ways to show your patriotism by donning the tricolor. The apparel is best suited for wearing on occasions such as Independence Day. Opt for a green churidar that comes with a self-embroidered white kurta. It will add more sophistication to your persona. Widen the dupatta to cover a major part of the body. It is a combination that will look best on you and make you stand apart from the crowd.

Leheriya Sari and Handloom Saree

This sari is best suited for ladies who would like to have a feminine yet contemporary look. It is a perfect apparel that you can wear on Independence Day to make an instant impression on onlookers. Usually, a leheriya sari or a handloom saree comes in two color combinations. Therefore, you have the option to go for a green and saffron, saffron and white or saffron and green colored sari. While selecting the blouse, opt for the third color of the Indian tricolor. But make sure to apply bindi. It will provide a perfect finishing touch and make you look like the ideal Indian woman you want to be.

Multi-colored dupatta


This apparel is a perfect option for ladies who have a strong liking for clothes that have an understated appeal. The leheriya dupatta comes with saffron, white and green hues and will make you look resplendent in your new avatar. But make sure that you opt for a white kurta which has no color shades while wearing a tiranga dupatta. You will be the center of attention wherever you go with a white kurta and churidar paired with a leheriya tricolor dupatta.

Printed Kurtis and Kurtas

kurta-for-men_origA suitable alternative for men who like casual outfits, the tricolor Kurtas will help you express your deepest feelings for your country in the best possible manner. But make sure that the Kurta doesn’t look too loud. By doing so, you can make sure that you show the utmost respect for the national flag from your heart and soul.

The colours of the tricolour do convey a special meaning. Saffron is a colour that depicts the courage and valour of the Indian soldiers who safeguard the borders. White has always been the colour that reflects people and unity. Green reveals the prosperity of our nation. The Chakra reveals the progress. Sporting these colours on Independence Day shows you still care for your motherland. Grab your ethnic look from the Sareez Freedom sale.

Did Theresa May Wear Saree on Her First Day As PM?

teresaTheresa May took over the position of Prime Minister of Britain after the previous minister resigned. This surely not the reason why she is a common discussion topic in different social networks. There was a post on prominent social networks that claimed that Theresa wore Sari on her first day as the Prime Minister.

The Post That Went Viral

Source: Dailymail

Source: Dailymail

Theresa May’s image shared on social networks with a line stating that Theresa wore Sari on her first day in PM’s office. It further added that even many Indian women do not do that. This post gave helped Theresa stay in the limelight. However, the truth behind this image is more shocking.

The Sari was a beautiful Georgette sari of the light sky blue shade. It looked awesome on her fair complexion. The sari even had tiny embellishments to add to the look.

Impact of the Post on Indian Youth

The image has sure touched many hearts and has become an inspiration for many others. The Indian youths are convincing their mates to take inspiration from this great lady. The saree is now in vogue.

While women abroad hesitated to wear Sari or other Indian attires, today they wear these drapes in style. They wear colourful saris and Indian dresses with pride.

The Truth Behind the Image

So what is the truth behind the image? Did the Prime Minister of UK really wear a Sari on her first day of taking charge? Well no! If you observe the image carefully, you will observe the background. It definitely does not seem to be the background of some political house.

The fact is that Theresa May did wear this Indian attire but that was 6 years back.

She had adorned this beautiful Sari in the year 2010 when she was heading for an Award Function. That is the reality behind this picture.

This is Not The First Time

The whole thing is definitely not surprising. Theresa May often wears Indian attires while attending Indian functions. The best example we give here is of the Asian Rich List Launch. Theresa May was also present for this function.

She had worn a beautiful Salwar Kameez on this occasion. The contrasting shade of the Indian outfit made her look a lot younger.

Important Lesson To Learn

We do not need someone else to set an example so that we may follow suit and wear Indian attires. Indians should learn to be proud of their attires and adornments. Unless we take pride, the world will never even take notice of us.

We need to spread awareness about our unique attires and the significance of each in our culture.

Impressive Range of Designer Creations By Vijay Balhara

Fashion trends evolve, gain popularity and wither out with time. There are only a few creations that are able to hold onto their popularity for years together. Vijay Balhara is one of those fashion designers whose creations have a timeless appeal for the audience. The New Delhi-based designer made his debut in India Fashion Week in 2010 and has never looked back since then. A Winner of the Elle Style Award for the Best Design Debut in 2010, Balhara’s creations have regularly featured in cover shoots and editorials for Elle, Grazia, Vogue, Femina, and GQ. Here are some of Balhara’s latest creations which have gained popularity in the Indian market: –

vijay balhara

Rose Pink Chanderi Silk Printed Casual Saree

Thoughtfully crafted to satisfy the cravings of modern day women, this saree is beautified with floral, stripes printed all over, dhaari print, hand block dhari print and eye-catching pallu and border. This apparel has an unstitched hand block printed blouse piece created from cotton fabric which can be altered as per the preference of the wearer. The wearer can make alterations to the neck style and length of sleeves. The falls and edges across the saree have been done with meticulous precision to match the aesthetic tastes of young women.

Lemon Yellow Chanderi Silk Printed Casual Saree

v03These casual sarees have been made from Chanderi silk and has been created using hand block dhaari and bindi print, leaf, stripes border, and stripes print. The saree is available with an unstitched hand block printed blouse piece of cotton fabric that can be modified as per requirement of the wearer. Changes can be made to the neck style and length of sleeves. This saree can be worn on different types of social gatherings and looks good when worn with minimal jewelry.

Sky Blue Chanderi Silk Printed Casual Saree

v01An ideal option for ladies who love the color blue because of its depth. This Vijay Balhara creation includes a floral printed border, abstract prints all over and hand block dhaari print. The saree with an unstitched hand blocked piece of cotton fabric which can be altered as per the requirements of the wearer, especially in the neck style and length of sleeves. The apparel comes with readymade falls and edges. To ensure long term durability of the apparel, it should be dry cleaned from time to time.

Papaya Whip Yellow and Dark Gray Chanderi Silk Printed Casual Saree

v02This saree has been made from hand-block dhaari print, wave style print across it. The floral printed pallu and border complement the apparel perfectly. The saree is available with an unstitched hand block printed blouse made from cotton fabric. It can be altered according to the wearer’s requirement in the neck style and length of sleeves. The saree comes with readymade falls and edges. The apparel is well suited for wearing on social occasions and festivities. It looks good when worn with traditional jewelry and accessories that go well with the design.

Global Influence on Bollywood Fashion Style

Hey you, all the fashionistas! You know that the large part of the Indian cinema is based on global influence, whether it is the plot of movies, special effects or fashion statements. Your fashion statements are mostly and influenced by Bollywood, likewise Bollywood fashion statement is influenced by the global fashion trends.

Bollywood fashion trends have been constantly changing due to various factors which are globally related. Bollywood fashion has immense popularity as it absorbs most of the foreign components, styles and designs in a manner that they seem to be the inherent part of fashion. Are you all the eyes for some moments? Then read on some factors:


Image Source: http://goo.gl/ajO4Kv

Image Source: http://goo.gl/ajO4Kv

India has cultural diversities which has made Bollywood very open-minded. Bollywood learn the distinct style of dressing from various global ethnic groups coming to India. It makes Bollywood more experimental about their fashion statement like various kinds of experiments with sarees.

International Fashion Pageants and Bollywood

Image Source: http://goo.gl/wLhSGQ

Image Source: http://goo.gl/wLhSGQ

Many Bollywood divas have made their mark by winning plenty of fashion pageants of global level. These divas wear numerous types of dresses which are typically influenced globally in designs and styles. This encourages global elements in Bollywood fashion industry and among the actors.

Overseas Education, Tours or Business Opportunities

Image Source: http://goo.gl/WKjl13

Image Source: http://goo.gl/WKjl13

You can see lots of Bollywood celebs going abroad for education, tour or setting up business opportunities. These celebs also add to the global impact on Bollywood fashion style statement. When these celebs come back to India, they bring a few traces of culture from the countries they have visited along with them which later on is spread through the ace fashion designers just like Rohit Bal presenting his designs with a touch of western countries.

Participating in the Awards ceremonies

Image Source: http://goo.gl/g6z5gZ

Image Source: http://goo.gl/g6z5gZ

Bollywood movies are getting well acclaimed in the global market resulting in their nominations in the international level. Bollywood celebs attend these awards platform keeping global fashion in mind along with pure Indian fashion. Have you noticed Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Cannes Film Festival?


Image Source: http://goo.gl/wnNcBl

Image Source: http://goo.gl/wnNcBl

Our world has become a global village where all the countries are engaged in importing and exporting. Along with materials and stuffs, cultural elements and fashion trends also gets delivered. And our Bollywood takes the first shipment of the importing fashion trends. Just notice the indo-western dresses of our celebs wear at any event.

So, that is all folks about all the mulling of factors of global influence on Bollywood fashion. Did we miss any? Share them with us. In the mean stay fashionable!!

Sarees: In-fashion 2015

Wanna appear deliciously stunning with equally mesmerizing attire? Solution? A saree!! Believe us, it’s the best. Sarees are rooted in the history of Indian society, but they never fail to go out of style. Apart from never going out of style, each year you get varieties of latest trends in the world of saree.

Spare some time to read this post on the latest trends in sarees for the year 2015 which appears effortlessly ravishing!

Dual colour at zenith


Image Source: http://goo.gl/vbyaEk

If you like to play with colours, go for the latest trend of dual colour saree. Fashion designer Manish Malhotra brought this trend to the fashion world and now it is a hit. Dual colour saree is suitable for every event you intend to attend.

Velvety Border


You will be enthralled; a velvet bordered saree is new in fashion for you to try. In simple words, it is a hot cake trend.

Khadi saree


If you like to go for a comfortable yet stylish saree, then khadi is your option. It extremely soothing to wear in the broad daylight of a summer giving it the scope to become one of the trendiest saree trends this year.

See-through Net


Image Source: http://goo.gl/fNqUQy

You will like to have a collection of net saree in your wardrobe as this is again one of the hottest trends in sarees this year. These net saree are even very popular in Bollywood. These sarees amazingly bring out the sensuality of the woman wearing it.

Elegant Monochrome


If you can get the hint, we are talking about the black and white sarees which have their own gleam of elegance. Get one for you this year as you will need to keep up with the trend which is following around this saree.

Full Neck Blouse tagging with saree


Image Source: http://goo.gl/ymtlmY

Sarees have always blouses tagging along with them of various styles and full neck blouse is one of them as the latest trend. It is a celebrity fashion these days. Get an eye on this trend for 2015.

Flared Saree


Image Source: http://goo.gl/B85Pli

You surely see yourself wearing saree in different styles. Let us add one more to your list, flared style. It is an extremely modern and is in-trend for today’s women. Deal with it at any party or occasion of 2015.

These are just few trends of saree that will make the mark of  your presence anywhere and everywhere. Be in your favourite trend. Which trend are you longing to try as soon as possible? Let us know and stay fashionable forever!

International Celebrities in Traditional Indian Attire

Serena Williams in a saree?  – Yeah, when pigs will fly.  Wanna bet? It actually happened during WTA Bangalore Open Championship 2008 in Bangalore on 2nd March 2008.

In fact, she is not alone.  Hollywood celebrities, international sportspersons and iconic figures have embraced the stylishness of Indian six yard splendor. Starting from Princess Diana to present day Oprah Winfrey and Samantha Cameron, all have carried a saree or a salwar kameez beautifully and looked gorgeous in those pretty dresses.

Here are a few examples:


Image Source: http://goo.gl/LW4RTW

During her visit to India Princess Diana embraced Indian wear many times and she is stunning in those; as usual. She also owns a collection of Ritu Kumar.

British model and actress Elizabeth HurlImage Source: http://goo.gl/ECl7OM

British model and actress Elizabeth Hurley wore saree in the inauguration of the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign on 23rd October 2008, in Mumbai. Do you like this saree?

Halley BaryImage Source: http://goo.gl/QWQ7Rc

The sizzling and sensational Hollywood actress Halle Berry also wore Indian saree in her film promotion. You can find the similar one here.

julia-robertsImage Source: http://goo.gl/YXjyBF

The great Hollywood Actress Julia Roberts wore a traditional Indian Silk saree in one scene of her film “Eat Pray Love” where she attends an Indian wedding ceremony.

Tennis players Serena Williams (7-L) andImage Source: http://goo.gl/ECl7OM

Williams sisters Venus and Serena along with other international female Tennis players wore saree on WTA Bangalore Open Championship 2008 in Bangalore on 2nd March 2008.

foreignersinindia2Image Source: http://goo.gl/ECl7OM

Mark Zuckerberg with his wife Priscilla Chan also carried Indian attire on their first stopover in India.

FP_6088677_BARM_Anderson_Pamela_1120101-810x1280Image Source: http://goo.gl/mKbV23

Pamela Anderson looked astonishing in a beautiful designer lehenga choli in the reality show Big Boss 4.

72Z_oprah-winfreyImage Source: http://goo.gl/oSI9hO

American chat show queen Oprah Winfrey recently visited India and she was spotted in a beautiful and elegant saree at a mega party held in her honor.  The guest list includes some of the giants from Bollywood.

2Image Source:  http://goo.gl/f4ux6J and http://goo.gl/ZtnfSi

Model Naomi Campbell has set the ramp on fire flaunting Indian ethnic wear created by the extremely talented designers like Manish Malhotra. She also graced an event in Jodhpur dressed in a beautiful Lehenga Choli.

1Image Source: http://goo.gl/OfkAyx and http://goo.gl/H9VvWQ

To finish the list with a bang, here is Samantha Cameron, the spouse of the British Prime minister who dazzled in a beautiful royal blue silk saree in a Diwali Party held in London.

So, do you still think saree is not “In”? Well, our talented designers have revived the essence of saree. You can grab any one or all them and be a style icon just like these celebrities.