AIFW 2017 Revives Indian Fashions Classical Aesthetics

Indian fashion has been always a significantly noted industry in the fashion world and it is very unique when compared with the rest of the world. The classical and traditional fashion of India has time and again been a very notable work in the artistry of any designer. The recent Amazon fashion week, an extravaganza across four days witnessed the work of 115 designers who are well known and all of whom came up with designs suitable for the Indian attires. Continue reading

Greater Eid- Rituals and Celebrations



Eid-Ul- Adha, or Greater Eid, or Festival of Sacrifice, is one of the two major festivals of Islam. It occurs approximately seventy days after Ramadaan, and falls on the tenth day of Dhuj Hijja month, of the Islamic calendar.

Eid-Ul- Adha or “sacrifice feast” commemorates and celebrates the story, where Prophet Ibrahim, became willing to give up or sacrifice his only son Ishmael, at the command of God. It shows his dedication and obedience.

source: 2.bp.blogspot

source: 2.bp.blogspot

The story continues that, when God or Allah saw Ibrahim’s dedication, he miraculously replaced the young boy with a lamb, just when his father was about to strike to kill. Thus, it became a custom to sacrifice a lamb or any other animal in the name of Allah, and then feast on its meat.

The Rituals of Eid-Ul-Adha



  • Getting up early in the morning
  • Cleanse oneself
  • Wear fresh new clothes
  • To remain on a fast
  • To visit a mosque or eidgah, chanting the “takbir”
  • Sit through the two prayers at the eidgah
  • Listen to the sermon after the prayer
  • Return home by a different route
  • Break the fast by having sweets
  • Offer sacrifice or Qurbani
  • Distribute the sacrificed meat among friends, family and then cook the remaining meat and feast on it.

People visit others’ homes and greet “Eid Mubarrak” with much enthusiasm. Delicious food and beverages are offered to all guests.

Houses are cleaned and decorated as a preparation for this three day long festival.



The women start shopping for Eid days in advance.  Starting from house items, fine garments are bought. They decorate their hands with henna, buy jewelries to adorn. Muslim women generally wear gorgeous sarees, lehenga choli and salwar kameez on this day. The men too, wear traditional sherwani, kurta pajama, while they visit the mosque for prayer.

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The availability of Islamic attires online has made it easier for people all around the world. You can buy the most ethnic lehenga choli online this Eid for a complete traditional look. You will also get exquisite Anarkali suits and sarees online to complete your Eid shopping, wherever you are located.

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We wish you a very Happy Eid!

source: 4vnu

source: 4vnu

Indian Ethnic Attires To Add Colour To Every Occasion

Source: Unusualgifts

Source: Unusualgifts

Raksha Bandhan marks the beginning of a whole series of festivals for Hindus around the world. Indians celebrate every festival in style by adorning attractive Indian dresses and flaunting the typical Indian jewellery and accessories. Selecting a unique Indian dress for every occasion can often be a meticulous task. If you plan to go shopping in malls or shopping centres, you may have to waste the entire day and wander different outlets before you get the perfect Indian outfits that go with the occasion.

Lehenga Choli


This is. A three piece Indian clothing for women that includes a Lehenga, a Choli and a Dupatta. Lehenga Choli can be designed using many different materials like Velvet, Silk, Georgette and Net. The heavily embroidered and embellished dupattas add to show of this attire.

Salwar Kameez

is a very common attire for women in different parts of India. Depending on the region and choice, the materials used for designing these attires vary greatly. These can be designed using materials like silk, cotton, net, georgette, cotton silk, nylon and many other materials. These may be designed in a simple manner using cotton or silk materials or it can be given a luxurious and stylish look by using georgette, velvet and net.


s4The most common among Indian ethnic dresses is surely Saree. This is a beautiful attire worn by people in different parts of India in many different ways and styles. The saris are draped by women in their unique style to reflect their culture. Women in Bengal wear white sari with a red border while women in Gujarat drape colourful saris that have their Pallu in the front right side.

Traditional Gowns

party-wear-gown-for-womenIf you wish to flaunt your traditional style in a modern fashion, you may opt for designer gowns. These are colourful, bold and embroidered in an attractive manner. Indian clothes for women are usually colourful and have impressive embellishments, motifs and colourful laces.

Important Tips To Help When You Buy Indian Clothes Online

Sarees offers a number of unique Indian ethnic attires that women can flaunt in style. You can purchase Indian clothes online at Sareez staying at home. You simply need to surf the countless pages of products and pick the women’s ethnic wear that you wish to purchase. Add this to the cart and go ahead with the payment process. The use of PayPal ensures a secure payment process.

Impressive Range of Designer Creations By Vijay Balhara

Fashion trends evolve, gain popularity and wither out with time. There are only a few creations that are able to hold onto their popularity for years together. Vijay Balhara is one of those fashion designers whose creations have a timeless appeal for the audience. The New Delhi-based designer made his debut in India Fashion Week in 2010 and has never looked back since then. A Winner of the Elle Style Award for the Best Design Debut in 2010, Balhara’s creations have regularly featured in cover shoots and editorials for Elle, Grazia, Vogue, Femina, and GQ. Here are some of Balhara’s latest creations which have gained popularity in the Indian market: –

vijay balhara

Rose Pink Chanderi Silk Printed Casual Saree

Thoughtfully crafted to satisfy the cravings of modern day women, this saree is beautified with floral, stripes printed all over, dhaari print, hand block dhari print and eye-catching pallu and border. This apparel has an unstitched hand block printed blouse piece created from cotton fabric which can be altered as per the preference of the wearer. The wearer can make alterations to the neck style and length of sleeves. The falls and edges across the saree have been done with meticulous precision to match the aesthetic tastes of young women.

Lemon Yellow Chanderi Silk Printed Casual Saree

v03These casual sarees have been made from Chanderi silk and has been created using hand block dhaari and bindi print, leaf, stripes border, and stripes print. The saree is available with an unstitched hand block printed blouse piece of cotton fabric that can be modified as per requirement of the wearer. Changes can be made to the neck style and length of sleeves. This saree can be worn on different types of social gatherings and looks good when worn with minimal jewelry.

Sky Blue Chanderi Silk Printed Casual Saree

v01An ideal option for ladies who love the color blue because of its depth. This Vijay Balhara creation includes a floral printed border, abstract prints all over and hand block dhaari print. The saree with an unstitched hand blocked piece of cotton fabric which can be altered as per the requirements of the wearer, especially in the neck style and length of sleeves. The apparel comes with readymade falls and edges. To ensure long term durability of the apparel, it should be dry cleaned from time to time.

Papaya Whip Yellow and Dark Gray Chanderi Silk Printed Casual Saree

v02This saree has been made from hand-block dhaari print, wave style print across it. The floral printed pallu and border complement the apparel perfectly. The saree is available with an unstitched hand block printed blouse made from cotton fabric. It can be altered according to the wearer’s requirement in the neck style and length of sleeves. The saree comes with readymade falls and edges. The apparel is well suited for wearing on social occasions and festivities. It looks good when worn with traditional jewelry and accessories that go well with the design.

Ana Ivanovic Sizzles in a Beige Sabyasachi Saree

Ana Ivanovic is no new name to the tennis lovers around the world. But she, most definitely is the hottest addition to the list of international celebrities who have draped themselves in sarees and loved it (what’s not to love? we ask.).

Ana was in Delhi for the second season on International Tennis Premier League (ITPL) after playing in the Philippines and Japan. She is a member of UAE Royals team for the second consecutive season. The Serbian beauty is currently ranked number sixteen in the world, by Women’s Tennis Association.


During her short stay in Delhi, she won a game against Japan Warriors team member Kurumi Nara and her substitute Mirjana Lucic by 6-2. And she incidentally won the hearts of many when she wore a beautiful saree designed by famous Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. She has also posted a picture of herself wearing the saree on her twitter account with the hashtag #wheninIndia. She wrote – “Traditional Indian Saree moment! I had to try it! #WhenInIndia.”


More picture of her in saree can be found in her Instagram account, where she posted two images. In the first she is standing by the pool facing the camera. In that post she wrote:

“Greetings from #India. I arrived in #Delhi and of course I had to try the traditional Indian #saree while I am here designed by the wonderful @SABYASACHIOFFICIAL. What do you think guys?”

Her Instagram-worthy saree moment earned her over thirty-seven thousand likes.


In her next saree pic, she was seen twirling around so that her back was shown, revealing the beautiful pallu. Her fresh-faced smile was more than an accessory for the photo shoot. Her post read –

“Goodbye beautiful #India. I had a wonderful time with the @iptlworld and it was nice to win my match today and leave on a high. Considering you all loved my last saree shot, here is one more!”

This image too has nearly twenty-eight thousand likes.


The saree by Sabyasachi Mukherjee was a light beige one with heavy embroidery and sequin work and a zari border. The pallu of the saree has ornate embroidery. She teamed the saree up with a sleeveless blouse and a simple braid. Her makeup and accessories were minimal. And yet she looked absolutely gorgeous. She really seems to have aced the art of wearing a saree.

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New Ways of Draping Saree

Do you have a shy attitude or bold? This doesn’t really matter if you are a social bird. It is the characteristic of women to be loved to get noticed. Whether it is a festival, wedding or a social party, these are the occasions to get complimented on your attire.

Believe it or not, the days of fussing over draping a saree is over for you. The different styles of draping a simple saree in an appealing way bring out a fascinating look which is a bit that all you girls will find attractive. Saree draping is fun. The basic is easy as well. Take a look in some newly unique ways of draping a saree:

Modern Double Saree Drape

Image Source:

Image Source:

This one is ultra-modern drape of saree developed by designer Shaina N.C. This draping combines two complimenting or contrasting colour sarees. This is a great alternative to the traditional single style of draping providing a voluminous and distinctive look.

Sheers over Lehengas

Image Source:

Image Source:

Ace designer Manish Malhotra became instrumental in bringing this idea of draping. In this style you just need to pair a lehenga with a sheer saree. With this modern draping style, you look perfect for a social gathering and just see how fast all eyes turn to you.

Modern Dhoti Saree Drape

Image Source:

Image Source:

The creator of this modern drape is designer Tarun Tahiliani at BMW’s India Bridal Fashion Week 2014. This is a perfect combination dhoti pants and the pallu of sarees, making it a reinvention of saree draping. You will just fall in love with this arrangement. You can wear it with a waist coat making it look fantabulous.

Full Body Wrap Drape

Image Source:

Image Source:

While the traditional saree draping includes pleating of the saree and wrapping it around the waist, this style of draping includes the wrapping of saree all over the body. This is one of the elegant styles of draping you can try for parties. This style tends to accentuate your body shape well making you look gorgeous.

The Belted Saree Draping

Image Source:

Image Source:

This belted Kiran Uttam Ghosh saree draping creation is extremely stylish. Drape a gorgeous saree in any of your favourite style and wear an ornate belt with it.

What is your favourite style? Keep watching this space for more of these kinds of posts coming soon. Stay fit and fashionable till then!!

Why draping saree is not against modern fashion trend?

Mention the word SAREE and you will have the total attention of all the female folks around you directed towards you. You must be aware why this word or rather this Indian traditional apparel has this effect on women? No other kind of apparel brings out the ideal feminine effect as effectively and sensually as a saree does.

As the title of this blog-post suggests we have a question here, of which we need to find an answer. An interesting saree drape is always the blessed conversation starter in a party or any other special occasion. Most often there is some sort of innovation in saree draping styles. Let us explore the modern trends in the draping of saree with lots fusions:

Saree with a jacket or stylish shirt:


Image Source:

This is one of the trendiest makeover of the draping of saree. A jacket or a shirt is an interesting manner to give a saree a vintage twist. Actors like Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan made this style quite popular for the younger generation.

Saree over pants, leggings or palazzos:


Image Source:

Draping of saree seems to be really reinvented. A saree can be personalised by a fusion of pants, leggings or palazzos and saree. It is a quirky and fun fusion which is getting a high popularity in parties nowadays. This is also one of the stylish look invented in saree.

A chic statement with a tunic or quirky blouse:


Image Source:

The fashion weeks witness some intricately challenging style statements. Among the variety of saree drape these days one of them is with a tunic or quirky blouse. Various versions of quirky blouses and tunics are successfully paired to drape with a saree instead of the regular blouses and not to mention they also put in the peplum style to the saree.

Saree with glamorous belt for a glamorous look:


Image Source:

Have you ever imagined of wearing a belt on your sarees? Nahhhh? Better glance on the brainstormed inventions and a dramatic revolution for sarees of designers like Yogesh Chaudhry, Vikram Phadnis and Anushka Khanna. Many fashion experts are of the opinion that there is no apparel that the appropriate belt cannot improve upon.

Hope that now you can safely accept the fact that draping saree is not against modern fashion trend as the constant innovating ideas floating in fashion world does not allow saree to split out of attention of the fashion followers. What are your views? Share with us. Stay tuned for more entrancing pieces. Stay fashionable!!!!