Festive Season at Sareez

The festive season is just around the corner. The auspicious occasions of Durga Puja, Navaratri, Lakshmi Puja, Diwali are only a few  days away. To make your festive season even more joyous and eventful, Sareez announces their Surprise Sale, with a handsome discount of 25% off on all products. To add to the cheer, there is no minimum order value, so whether a product is worth Rs 1000, or Rs 15,000 you are liable to get it at a price 25% less than the actual price. All you need to do is enter the code OCT13, as is mentioned on the homepage of sareez.com, while placing your order.This exclusive offer is available on products available on the website starting from sarees to salwar suits to sherwanis, blouses, bags, jewellery and other accessories. This offer is valid till the end of October and the sooner you place your orders the better are the chances of you getting a wide variety of options to choose from. From crisp gorgettes, to trendy chiffons to traditional cotton sarees everything to fulfill your need to don your traditional avatar this season is available on our platform. Pick the saree of your choice and then choose the perfect clutch, bindis, bags and jewellery to complete the look, all on one platform.

At sareez.com, this festive season, with our special festive collection, we intend to give you yet another reason to celebrate – a beautiful you!

Sareez celebrates the spirit of motherhood – My Mom & Me

A daughter is perhaps the most precious gift a mother has. On the other hand, a mother is her daughter’s first friend, her very first confidant! The bond that exists between a mother and a daughter is irreplaceable, perhaps the most sacred of all bonds. It is only a mother who can truly understand what her daughter is going through, without the daughter having to say it out aloud, and vice versa.

As Aishwarya Rai rightly says ‘My mother is the nucleus of my existence!’ This connection between a mother and her daughter is instinctive – it is formed the first time the mother ever holds the newborn in her arms.

It is in honour of this special bond that sareez.com has organized a special competition dedicated to the mothers and daughters around the world. No, it is not mothers’ day or mothers’ week or even mothers’ month, if you are wondering. We at sareez.com believe that it does not require a special occasion to commemorate this precious bond. To participate, all you need to do is share a picture of a precious moment you and your mother shared, on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/IndianSarees) and tell us what makes your connection extraordinary. You can also register on our website and send us a mail with your thoughts to social@sareez.com. Collect the maximum number of comments on your picture within 72 hours after uploading your entry and you can be the winner of some prized goodies for you and your mother!

So, hurry up and become a part of the cherished celebrations!


Latest From the House of Sareez – Pre-Stitched Sarees

Grace and poise come together in a saree – it is the most quintessential Indian garment. Draping a saree perfectly is an art – one that has been passed on from a mother to a daughter for generations. Often draping a saree takes as long as 10-15 minutes with pleating it correctly and giving it just the right shape.

However, convenience being the buzzword these days, the traditional art of wearing a saree is taking a backseat. Pre-stitched sarees are in vogue now. Not only do they make the act of wearing a saree completely hassle-less, but also get done in a matter of seconds since it can be worn in a single move and there is no wrong way of wearing it. Pre-stitched sarees are a rage these days especially among foreigners who are keen on wearing a saree but have no one to teach them how to drape it.

All you need to do is put it on like a long skirt and pull the loose end or the ‘pallu’ over the shoulders and you are ready to go. The pleats are pre-adjusted, as is the length of the ‘pallu’. Even the petticoat is already pre-stitched and attached to the saree. This completely does away with the cumbersome process of having to undo and redo the draping, just because one part of it went wrong!

At sareez.com, we have a whole array of pre-stitched sarees in myriad colours and patterns, that bear just the same elegance, but with an added touch of convenience. All you have to do is put in a request at the time of placing the order and your exclusive saree will be delivered to your doorstep, ready-to-wear!


Trending Looks of the Season

With the extensive festivities around the corner, everyone is intent of looking their best. While it is Navaratri for some, it is the grand Durga Puja for some others, and Diwali for many others, while many others will simply be celebrating the spirit of womanhood! This festive season from sareez.com, we bring you an entire range of collections spanning across festive sarees, salwars suits, accessories including jewellery and bags as well as bindis, chunnis and everything else you may need to spice up your festive attires.

The tribal look is in vogue this season, where Aztec patterns and designs are selling like hot cakes. Bold patterns and prints in bright colours are very popular. For those who want to experiment with bolder looks pop colours is just what you need. Chunky prints and colour block patterns in contrasting colours are also a hot favourite among women this season. While the eternal combinations of red and black and black and white are still in, green and blue, fuchsia and pink, red and orange, mauve and magenta are some combinations that have been revived this year. Prop up the look with some ethnic jewellery and a messy bun and you have a very trendy yet ethnic look! However remember, that the attire itself is very catchy and it would be a cardinal fashion sin to overdo the accessories. Stick to minimalistic jewellery – either a neckpiece, or chandelier earrings or chunky bangles. Remember that the only thing worse than a fashion faux pas, is fashion overkill!

Saree Innovation in South India

Southern India’s Innovation in Sarees

South India is known for its great quality of silk sarees. These fine qualities of sarees are still a favorite among the South Indian brides to get the proper traditional look in their wedding. In spite of being the land of tradition, South India is also the land of innovation. It is South India, where the various patterns of innovative sarees are seen. This article is devoted to the wondrous creations of sarees done in South India. Most of these South Indian Sarees mentioned below are the results of the creative streak of the weavers of Southern India:

The Color-Changing saree

This is an intriguing creation of Sri Kumaran Silks, as this is a silk saree, first ever made in the world, which changes its color, when the wearer goes out of the house.

The Saree-Shirt Combo

This is a two-in-one combo pack, where well-designed saree is accompanied by a similar shirt piece for the woman’s husband. This style is known as ‘Jodi Pattu’. The pallu of the saree has intricate embroidery work, which is somewhat replicated in the shirt as well, and both are made of genuine handloom silk.

The Zip-n-Wear Saree

This is an interesting blend of four pallus in one saree. In this silk saree, four separate yet complimenting pallus are used to design the complete look. Each pallu comes with an attached zip, which the wearer can, according to her wish, detach, rearrange and reattach to get a new look every time.

The Denim Saree

This is a saree, which creates an illusion of wearing denim in form of a saree, where the wearer enjoys the gentle and velvety feel of silk in reality.

The Pocket Saree

Another unique creation is the Pocket Saree where the drape allows for a pocket on the left side near the hip region, to hold cell phones, and other bric-a-brac.

The Reversible Saree

This is a handiwork where the saree has been made in such a fashion that it can be worn in four varying styles. This saree comprises of two different blouses to be worn with two different body colors and four separate pallus.

The Durbar Krishna Saree

Another divine creation is The Durbar Krishna Saree, where an image of Lord Krishna is made to cover the overall pallu. The design is done with Swarowski crystals and it is believed to carry good luck to its wearer.

The 50000 Color Saree

This multi-colored saree is interlaced with 50000 shades of various colors.

The Jugalbandi Saree

Here, two opposite concepts have been merged into one single saree. On pure South Indian silk sarees, North Indian lacework or kundan or beadwork, or embroideries like the Parsis are blended into one complete whole.

The Zodiac Saree

This is actually a part of 12 saree collection named Zodiac Sarees. Each zodiac sign’s symbol has been woven into each of the sarees in this collection.

These innovations are not only something matchless but worth a collector’s item.

Half Sarees – A different Saree for Special Occasions

Half Sarees, South Indian Half SareesIndia being a multi-cultural country, exhibits a wide array of dressing styles. Each style heralding from their particular state has a special touch to it. Saree being the national dress of India is worn by most women, but in a special style reflecting which part of India they belong to. There are numerous innovative ways of saree draping styles, among which a unique way is half sarees.

What is a Half Saree ?

Half Sarees are predominantly seen in South India, as mostly unmarried girls in South India wear this traditional outfit. Earlier this saree draping style was restricted only to the rural belles and never worn by girls in the cities. However, nowadays, this dress has found its way to showrooms of renowned designers and various malls all over India. This trend of draping a saree has actually been popularized by television and movie celebrities, and models walking on the ramp of various fashion shows, which has convinced every teenager to posses at least one pair of this chic half saree in their wardrobe.

Half Sarees, in comparison to the full sarees are more comfortable and hassle free to wear and handle, as it is very easy, simple style allowing more freedom of movement. It is just a long fluid skirt with several pleats, a matching blouse and a long saree drape, whose end is folded at the back of the skirt. Girls of Kerala wear this colorful attire on the festival of Onam, whereas girls from Tamil Nadu wear it in Pongal festival. Young girls of Andhra Pradesh wear these half sarees in the festival of Ugadhi.

Similar to half sarees is another most popularly attire of North India – Ghagra-Choli, which the girls of Northern India wear more or less in every festival.

Different Names of Half Sarees.

Though this style is called half saree, it has got different names in different states of India, along with a special touch of the exclusive reflection of the state’s artwork. In most parts of India these half sarees include embroidery, fabric, glass work and inclusion of precious stones. Half sarees are locally is known as Pavada Dhavani or Davani in Tamil Nadu, Mundum Neriyathum in Kerela and Langa Voni in Andhra Pradesh.

This traditional dress looks very elegant on a girl and given the modern touches of designer-works on them, they look classy and gorgeous, bringing out the grace of Indian women. Though salwar kameez or jeans and tops are now the most common dresses in India, Half Sarees have reclaimed the market for special occasions.

Indian Designer Sarees – An added statement to your beauty

designer sarees
Universally, it’s believed that the beauty of young girls is perfectly reflected as charming ladies if she drapes around herself with this 12 yard long magical cloth available in different colors and prints. A woman clad in a beautiful saree is a time immemorial stance that has always been stealing the heart of a man.

Amongst many other Indian types of attire, Saree is one of the most favored by women, especially for eternity and is often related with the wearer’s maturity. In India, there are many styles of draping a saree, and this very act requires a lot of tactics and practice. You should have that dexterity to carry it and manage it well. Despite of many problems you may face in the initial days, you just cannot ignore the char of this Indian outfit. Wearing a saree is a long established occurrence in an Indian woman’s life. Intricately associated with the lives of Indian women, girls often start wearing saris from teenage. The traditional sarees like ikat, paithani silk, cot silk, kanchipuram, kanjeevaram or an art silk saree are favourites to almost all Indian women. These traditional sarees are possessed especially for special occasions.

printed sarees
Lately, the silk sarees have added extra glamour to wearer if it’s carried properly. These silk sarees have also proved to serve at the best for all kinds of occasions. The ethnic kanchipuram sarees are the best choices to be worn at wedding ceremonies; the eternally favorite for a new bride is the banarasi saree. These are the typical time honored sarees which have served the purpose of wedding dress for a bride since ages. Undoubtedly, an Indian bride looks marvelous in a pure silk bridal wear. With the upcoming special occasions in her life like visiting the new relative’s places, attending pujas at home and parties at the office, she can collect the awesome range of South Indian silk sarees to suit her every requirement.

You can wear a jamdani silk saree during day, and your evening parties can be attended in an Indian katan silk saree or Mysore silk saree. Silk sarees are actually loved for their high quality and warmth that can be fit into every season. For instance, a khadi silk saree is ideal for a winter evening while you can adorn yourself in a handloom silk saree or a printed silk saree during the summer season.

Designer silk sarees have also become very popular these days. You can easily wear them around the year. As the name suggests, designer silk sarees are best known for their superb art work. They have every quality to make them stand apart and manage very easily. They are gorgeous, colorful and very soft. Since these are light weighted sarees, they can be easily managed and they specifically do not restrict free movement. You will get these sarees in many boutiques and you can also get online saris in designer print available in bight hues like blue, green, red maroon, pink, magenta and so on. Embellished with the rich zari work and the complete body, having the intonations with golden prints and patterns look superb.

Saree have undoubtedly made a fashion statement in these days, where you get the fabric, color, embroidery and brocade works in an unimaginable range. Being stylish and fit to be worn anytime of the day is the primary focal point of an Indian Saree. Now, its time that you start collecting some of the best sarees from either the commercial stores or online shopping sites.