Indian Ethnic Attires To Add Colour To Every Occasion

Source: Unusualgifts

Source: Unusualgifts

Raksha Bandhan marks the beginning of a whole series of festivals for Hindus around the world. Indians celebrate every festival in style by adorning attractive Indian dresses and flaunting the typical Indian jewellery and accessories. Selecting a unique Indian dress for every occasion can often be a meticulous task. If you plan to go shopping in malls or shopping centres, you may have to waste the entire day and wander different outlets before you get the perfect Indian outfits that go with the occasion.

Lehenga Choli


This is. A three piece Indian clothing for women that includes a Lehenga, a Choli and a Dupatta. Lehenga Choli can be designed using many different materials like Velvet, Silk, Georgette and Net. The heavily embroidered and embellished dupattas add to show of this attire.

Salwar Kameez

is a very common attire for women in different parts of India. Depending on the region and choice, the materials used for designing these attires vary greatly. These can be designed using materials like silk, cotton, net, georgette, cotton silk, nylon and many other materials. These may be designed in a simple manner using cotton or silk materials or it can be given a luxurious and stylish look by using georgette, velvet and net.


s4The most common among Indian ethnic dresses is surely Saree. This is a beautiful attire worn by people in different parts of India in many different ways and styles. The saris are draped by women in their unique style to reflect their culture. Women in Bengal wear white sari with a red border while women in Gujarat drape colourful saris that have their Pallu in the front right side.

Traditional Gowns

party-wear-gown-for-womenIf you wish to flaunt your traditional style in a modern fashion, you may opt for designer gowns. These are colourful, bold and embroidered in an attractive manner. Indian clothes for women are usually colourful and have impressive embellishments, motifs and colourful laces.

Important Tips To Help When You Buy Indian Clothes Online

Sarees offers a number of unique Indian ethnic attires that women can flaunt in style. You can purchase Indian clothes online at Sareez staying at home. You simply need to surf the countless pages of products and pick the women’s ethnic wear that you wish to purchase. Add this to the cart and go ahead with the payment process. The use of PayPal ensures a secure payment process.

Go for Red Lips with Red Cloths

Red as a colour has been traditionally associated with feelings such as love and passion. The lipstick is one of the most widely used yet under-rated cosmetic in the wardrobe of most women. However, when used with a red outfit, a red lipstick can help you look alluringly beautiful and attract instant attention to wherever you go. Here are some tips that can help you choose a red lipstick that goes well with any type of red outfit that you wear:

Determine the exact shade of red you would go for

color-thesaurus-correct-names-red-shadesFirst of all, you will need to take into consideration the exact type of red coloured apparel that you will be wearing. Jewel toned cool red outfits usually look best with a vivid tomato red or dark cherry lipstick. One rule of thumb that you will need to follow is to go for bright, unusual colours which will help you to attract instant eyeballs.

Decide on whether you would go for a modern or elegant look

Another area where you will need to pay attention to is the lines of the outfit. The more modern and clean lines that you have on the apparel, the minimal match should be there in your makeup. If you are an avid follower of fashion, then you must have come across pictures of celebrities on the red carpet with makeup which often look too old fashioned compared to their dressing style. If you opt for understated outfits that have a timeliness appeal, then opt for a lipstick whose shade of red matches the colour of your apparel. Avoid going for a nude lip as it will make you look too casual.

Be sure that the lipstick shade goes well with your complexion

Lipsticks are available in a wide range of colour shades according to different types of skin. Red coloured lipsticks are of various types such as bluish-red, orangey red or pinkish red. One of the safest options for ladies with a fair skin is to go for true reds rather the orangey ones which suit women with a medium skin tone.

Go for a lipstick that goes well with your persona

Last but not the least factor that you will need to keep in mind is the fact that the lipstick you opt for should go well with your looks. Though most women have a strong liking for high-fashion makeup, they may not look attractive. However, if you have a presentable face, then a minimalistic approach towards makeup will do you the world of good. A matching lipstick, in that case, would be the ideal option that would work well for you.

From bridal perspective if anyone wants to wear ethnic attire with gorgeous shades of Red, have various options available like red bridal lehengas, wedding sarees, gorgeous salwar kameez and designer gowns are suitable.

Khadi Redefined Offers Multiple Stylish Choices to Buyers

Since time immemorial, India has been well known for its textile industry. To redefine fashion in the modern context, several Indian fashion designers like Manish Malhotra, have attempted. Khadi, which was once the symbol of the nation’s freedom struggle, has got the due recognition it deserves.

A Brief Introduction To Khadi

Source : Lexorbis

Source : Lexorbis

The handwoven cloth from the Asian nations of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is often referred to as Khadi or Khaddar. The common khadi cloth is woven from pure cotton. Sometimes, khadi maybe a combination of cotton with silk or wool fabrics. Silk and wool fabrics are woven on the Charkha or the spinning wheel.

Here are some of the popular khadi apparels that have gained popularity in recent times: –

Handloom Sarees

Saree is India’s most precious and much-talked attire from ages. Throughout the world, this six-yard splendor won millions of hearts with its intricate design, texture and style. In India, the sarees weaved with pure cotton fabric is mostly used in summer. This is because these light weight sarees are the one of the most comfortable daily wear an Indian woman can embrace in hot and humid Indian summer.

Printed Kurti

Made from pure cotton, this printed kurtis are ideal for ladies who would want to redefine their dressing style and make their presence felt wherever they go. The apparel comes with a band collar and full-length sleeves. The kurti has a floral printed back which will complement the wearer perfectly. It is a perfect foil for denim and is suitable for wearing on any type of formal and social occasions.

Add a new glow to your persona with this band colored kurtis which comes with full-length sleeves. Produced from a high quality of cotton, it has a printed back which will make you look alluringly beautiful and be the talk of the town wherever you go. This can be worn as party wear, and looks best when worn with a denim.

Embroidered Salwar

Made from pure ciffon or cotton, this Embroidered Salwar Kameez has a small neck and 3/4 length sleeves or sleevless. It has a plain back and an embroidered front. The black color of the apparel makes it a perfect alternative for ladies who would like to flaunt a casual look. The floral prints on the kameez will help you creating a lasting impression on people wherever you go.

Jersey Top

This clothing is best suited for college going girls. Produced from the best quality of promodal and tencil fabric, the white colored top goes well with denim. It has a round neck and 3/4 sleeves. The floral print at the front goes well with the overall appearance of the top. A perfect choice for parties, it is best suited for girls who prefer a subdued, yet feminine look on social occasions.


Girls with a lighter skin tone have numerous color shades to choose from. This navy colored jersey top is one of them. Tencil and primordial fabrics have been combined to create this top which has a round neck, 3/4 sleeves, and a plain back. An ideal party wear apparel, it looks best when paired with denim of the same color.

So now there are ample reasons for one to return to the traditional Indian clothing and encourage Indian handloom industry. Style and fashion are based on how you perceive things. You can remain stylish even by opting for Swadeshi fashion (Make in India).

Most admired Indian Traditional wear for women after saree

Oh gosh! It’s again a traditional party invitation. What am I supposed to wear there? Yeah, yeah! We know that this is the most common ranting and ravings of all ladies who are at this moment glued to this blog post.

Let us assume that for a change you do not want to get draped in a saree, the main traditional wear of our country. Oh well then! Let us get started with the fashion exploration and see what popular Indian traditional wear other than saree is?

Salwar kameez! Yeah you read it right. It is one of the most popular Indian ethnic and traditional wear after saree. For your information, we would like to tell you that basically women of Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh wear this traditional dress. But the thing is now this has become extremely popular around the entire country.

Let us share some basics that would help to decide a perfect Salwar Kameez for you:

Care for the length:

Sku Code: 372-5436SL676325, Price: $22

Sku Code: 372-5436SL676325, Price: $22

The length of the Kameez should be enough. Kameez of long length do appear nice but not with a salwar as the bottom. The right trend of length of a kameez is just below knees.

Select the right fabric:

Sku Code: 199-3768SL141657, price: $41

Sku Code: 199-3768SL141657, price: $41

Fabrics of light weight will help you to appear slimmer. Try to avoid tissue and net, if you are not slim. If you are extremely slim, avoid fabrics such as cotton and chiffon as they tend to cling to body making you look slimmer, which isn’t good.

Sleeves length:

Sku Code: 314-4049SL564250, Price: $66

Sku Code: 314-4049SL564250, Price: $66

With your arms heavy (if), never go for a sleeveless kameez. Sleeves with full length will make your flabby arms look a little toned down. And if your arms are thin, try different length and designs on your sleeves such as baggy or frilled.

Select right colour:

Sku Code: 307-4557SL662941, Price: $66

Sku Code: 307-4557SL662941, Price: $66

Dark colors like blue, green and maroon help you appear slimmer and neat. Do not go for extra dark colors if you’ve dark skin tone. Pastel colors like aqua, soft green and peach will look really soothing if you are slim and fair.

Select right style:

Large number of styles of salwar kameez are available such as asymmetrical, A-shaped, Chinese and all that. Be sure to make the appropriate selection that would go by your body shape. What is trendy may not look good on you.

We told you the basics of wearing Salwar Kameez. Now, it is your turn to experiment. What are you waiting for? Get ready and start shopping, but off course first share your views with us and stay fashionable!

Gift Ideas to Awestruck Your Brother and Sister this Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is at hand. Do you plan something special for your brother or sister or scratching your head for a brilliant gift idea? Well, well, well… down guys….here are top gift ideas that you may consider.

#Idea-1: For a fashion loving sister, you will have a lot of options to consider like trendy attires, accessories or you may mix and match something to surprise her. Almost every garment stores gives you some attractive special offer in this festive season to choose from. There are huge options in women’s clothing area. You can give your sister a beautiful trendy designer outfit or an exclusive lawn salwar to help her feel like a fashion diva. Or you may mix and match a designer dress with jewelry.

Lawn Salwar

This is a festival for all brothers and sister. Why not surprise your sister-in-law with a gorgeous bindi or a nice pair of earrings when you wish her luck with the best Lumba rakhi?

You can bless your handsome young brother with a fashionable Kurta that suits him the best. Just think how majestic he will look in a designer kurta and how proud you will feel when you look at him in this attire.


#Idea-2: For your little brother or sister you may consider chocolate as the most precious gift, because there is nothing like chocolate those can please the kids most. Moreover, you may cook something special in dinner for your brother or sister on that special event or make something creative to give him or her.


By now, I think you have decided what you will buy as a gift in this rakhi. Now you can consider some new saree or kurta for yourself to look special in this occasion.

Festive Eid Collection


With the breaking of the fast of Ramadan, there are celebrations galore. Eid is a time to celebrate, to spend time with your loved ones, while you feast on the most delicious food and look your best. With Eid just around the corner, preparations for the three-day feast are at its peak.
Women in the household play a very important role during Eid. It is their responsibility to ensure the entire household comes together and participates in charity, gift-giving and the following feast. Sarees for Eid, hence hold a special relevance to the women of the household, since throughout these three days of celebration women are at the helm of affairs. Our festive collection this season is especially dedicated to making sure that you and all the other women in your family look and feel their best.
Our special Eid collection on has sarees to suit everyone’s needs and tastes. From demure pastel shades to flamboyant shades of red and pink, you will find everything you are looking for. New styles in sarees especially, Lehenga style sarees, are a hot favorite amongst women this season. From chiffons, to rich georgettes to satin, we are here to ensure, that we have the perfect saree for the perfect you.

Click @ and choose your favorite one.

What to wear in Monsoon 

Monsoons or the rainy season poses a big problem when it comes to deciding what to wear. Torrential rains and muddy puddles are the things to be most wary of when choosing appropriate outfits for going out in the rainy season.

Since chiffon & Georgette is a lightweight fabric, it is easier to carry off during the rainy season. The most advantageous thing about chiffon & Georgette saree is that it dries up quite easily. Hence, when faced with a sudden outburst of rain and getting drenched as a result of it, chiffon & Georgette sarees take just few minutes to dry up considerably thereby not leaving one wet and damp for a long time. Also, being synthetic fiber Georgette does not leave behind stains to an extent that natural fibers such as cotton, silk do. That is precisely why these types of sarees are ideal when walking on muddy roads and hopping over muddy water puddles.

Attractive printed Georgette sarees also helps one to go through the drench in monsoon days. Bright colors should be chosen for sarees meant for the rainy season. Such sarees look very trendy without sleeves. Such sarees look on women in the teaching profession or medical line. Many office goers find themselves comfortable in printed sarees.

Jewellery is a tricky subject during this time of the year. For functional purposes, keep your jewellery minimal – stick to an interesting neckpiece, or a pair of earrings.

The best make-up advice for the monsoons is to keep it natural and minimal. Remember to use only waterproof products.

The monsoons needn’t be a damper on your personal style statement. Dress wisely, pay attention to materials, play with color, and have fun with your outfits. If you keep a check on all these factors, you’re sure to look like a diva, come rain or sun!

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