Surprise your Spouse this Wife Appreciation Day with your Gestures

wife appreciation day

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While most men might still not acknowledge it, the homes would indeed be the most difficult place to run and maintain, if it had not been for the understanding and doting wives. Although most women today try their best to juggle their professional and domestic life, at times it just becomes a bit too much for them.

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source: psychologynow

In acknowledgement of all that they do for their family round the year and round the clock, the National Wife Appreciation Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of every September and this might be a good time for their spouses to extend the warmth and love that they so much deserve, and acknowledge the work and devotion that often goes unnoticed!



Contrary to popular belief, most women do not need extravagant gifts as a token of love and appreciation. A bouquet of flowers is sometimes all that they need.
Which woman does not like new garments?
If you are at a loss about what to get for her, be safe and buy saree. It never goes out of fashion. If you are good at shopping visit the store she generally visits or gets sarees online. Browse through the latest sarees collection and surprise your wife with an exquisite piece that she would love.

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If you are one of those husbands who indeed want to do something special for his wife and but do not have enough time to take her out shopping, your best option would be to buy sarees online. Nothing will make her happier than to forget the daily chores for the day and dress up in a beautiful new saree to go for a dinner date with you!

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There are other ways to make her happy as well. Take her out for the entire day and do all the things that she had always wanted to, but never quite manage to find enough time to do them.
How about a luxurious spa coupon?
A little pampering is what she deserves truly! An indulging and refreshing treatment at a salon or a spa can bring back the old girlfriend that you lost in a wife.

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source: thebrunettediaries

Is she a fun loving outdoor person? Or was it an intellectual lady that you chose for your own?
Try out the new ride at the Entertainment Park you have not visited recently, or pre-book for the literary meet she had always wanted to attend.

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source: cdn2.momjunction

You have to let her know that you are aware of her needs and requirements and would truly want to take the opportunity to make the day meaningful for her.

Celebrate The Day with your Grand Parents

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source: dekhnews

What is National Grandparents Day? Many family members in the US remarks National Grandparents Day on the first Sunday of September. This special day glorifies grandparents. Most of the people give privilege to their grandparents through a span of whirl such as offering gift, gifting cards and for the children to call for their grandparents to school for a day where they take part in special classes or special assembly events.

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source: thenigerianchristian

Special Day Celebration: Many school students participate in story-telling activities that connect to their grandparents, as well as artwork or poster contests where children frequently utilised a tale about their grandparents in their artwork. This day is also regarded as a chance for people to value and respect and reveals their love to their grandparents through kind gestures such as making a phone call or inviting their grandparents to dine in.

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Ways to show love: If you are auspicious enough to have your grandparents around, take this lucky chance to cherish them by offering them some special gifts. Naturally, it can be tough to shop for someone who is more than 50 years older than you but that’s the part of linking the gap. Do you have in knowledge what you can gift them? You can gift your grandma, a lovely silk saree with light embroidery or sequins work on it to make her feel out of the world. Complete your hunt online. Buy latest silk sarees online according to your choice.

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Price: $98.00

First and the foremost, one should keep in mind while selecting a saree for an elderly women like the fabric should be very much comfortable and relaxing for one to wear and secondly the shades and colour of the saree should be soothing and elegant like beige, olive green, aqua blue, cream and any pastel shades to match up to her personality.

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On the other hand, you can gift your grandpa a wonderful sherwani, with minimal work on it according to his age factor. The material should be light and the quality of the fabric should be good so that after wearing it, he should feel comfortable. You can select colours like cream, beige, blue, maroon, etc. You can find all these stuffs online easily while online shopping is the greatest platform open for all to complete one’s desires and which will be worth buying and you can make your grandparents feel more special.

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source: tingtau

And moreover tell them that you love them and will always. All they need is your love and care.

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source: i.huffpost

Sarees You Must Have In The Ethnic Section of Your Wardrobe

With festivals forming such an important part of every Indian’s life, we can’t help ourselves from coming back to this topic every now and then. Especially when we know that in some part of the world you are preparing yourself for the upcoming celebrations of one of the biggest festivals of India – Durga Puja. Some of us call it Navratra, some call it Kullu Dussehra, some call it Bommai Golu, and some even call it Bommala koluvu. No matter what we name the festival, the truth is that each one of us is equally excited about it. However, with festivals also comes the dire necessity to look total ethnic and gorgeous. And, there is nothing that can make u look more stunning and beautiful than the Indian National Dress itself – The Saree.

So, we bring to you a list of top 5 types of sarees that you must include in our wardrobe if you haven’t already.

Taant Sarees


Weaved mostly in West Bengal and Bangladesh, the Taant sarees are soft and comfortable even for the hottest days. These sarees are found in huge varieties; you can find them in bright colors as well as lighter shades and with heavy embroideries to simple thread works. Taant sarees are extremely comfy yet very sophisticated for wearing at festivals, work, or even generally during daytime and thus, is our top choice.

Dhakai Sarees


Originating from and named after Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, the Dhakai sarees come with intricate thread embroideries and buti works. The uniqueness of the sarees is visible in their unconventional blend of simplicity and grandeur. The Dhakai sarees are usually found in cotton or a material called Jamdani. A red and white Dhakai is an ideal saree for any of the Indian festivals.

Banarasi Sarees


While the Banarasi silk sarees are closely associated with the Bengali brides since time immemorial, these are equally suitable for wearing in festivals. The newlyweds are often found having a strong inclination towards this particular variety of Indian ethnic wear. As such, few other varieties of sarees can hardly replace the dignified appeal of a red embroidered Banarasi saree that remains an all-time favorite of Indian women.

Designer Sarees


Whatever the festival or occasion is, looking trendy is important and the designer sarees can serve your purpose perfectly well. You can consider buying the designer sarees online and you will certainly be able to lay your hands upon a wide variety of sarees that strike the right blend of traditional appeal and modern designs.

Paithani Sarees


The combination of the lustrous silk, embroideries in zari and golden thread and peacock designs in the pallu of the sarees makes the Paithani sarees ideal for festivals. Originating in Maharashtra, India, these sarees are also reflective of the Buddhist culture. They have a typical grandeur about them, making them must-have festival sarees in the personal wardrobe of every woman.

Trend Alert – Dazzling the IIFA Awards


The year’s biggest award ceremony for the Indian film industry, the IIFA awards was recently held at The Venetian Macao, Macau. Hosted by Shahrukh Khan and Shahid Kapoor, the show was a raging hit, with the glitterati of Bollywood gracing the red carpet in style.

Needless to say everyone at the IIFA awards was dressed impeccably in designer clothes; however the ladies of the evening, dressed in exquisite sarees really took the cake. Bollywood style icon Vidya Balan in her black with gold embellished appliqué patch work lehenga saree by Anand Kabra lehenga, as always managed to be the centre of attention. The carelessly done fishtail plait and the contrasting white, V necked, full sleeve blouse, with gold embroidery around the neck added to the appeal.

Madhuri Dixit, with her delicate black net saree designed by Karishma and Monica, stole the show. Gold embellished patchwork within red borders heightened the appeal of the saree. Her chic hairdo, and exemplary make up added oodles of elegance to the timeless appeal of this timeless beauty!

Two other women were spotted looking extraordinarily hot in their designer sarees. Shriya Saran in her lime green faux georgette saree designed by Manish Malhotra, was quite the diva of the evening, while Divya Dutta was seen in a bright red saree, with a matching bindi to complete the look.

Fashion 4 You


As a marker of the panache and glamor associated with fashion, World Fashion day is celebrated by fashion brands and the fashionistas alike, the world over. 21st August marks this day of exuberance and is celebrated with much ado – a day that commemorates the fashion visionaries and the followers and seeks to bring them together by the virtue of their shared passion for fashion.

Upholding the spirit of fashion, brings to you a special collection to add flair to your wardrobe. With an exemplary collection of designer sarees, salwar suits, lehenga and ghagra cholis, we at aim to bring to you the best of traditional wear, at the luxury of a click. On this occasion of World Fashion Day, you can choose dresses from our site that will compliment your personality and add glamor to beauty!

We have an exceptionally wide range of choices, in sarees, salwar suits and lehengas, which you can sort by occasion, design, color, fabric, as well as price. Alongside, you can also shop for kurtis or sherwanis on To complete your look we also have a separate section for Jewellery and Accessories, where you will find everything from leggings, to designer blouses and kaftans, to shawls, bindis, bags and more. This World Fashion day, we will help you be your stylist best!

A Sacred Bond of Love

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan

Rakshabandhan is one of the oldest traditions upheld in Hindu families. As a vow of protection, this day marks a brother’s promise to his sister, when he promises to protect her with his life. On this particular day every woman likes to feel special and it is our responsibility that we ensure she is also looking special!

Rakshabandhan is an important festival especially for the women of the household, and hence it is imperative that they adorn themselves in the most gorgeous clothes. This season, vibrant shades and colour blocking patterns are a rage. Colour combinations like pink and midnight blue, mustard yellow with lime green, off white and rose are amongst the hot favourites. Designer sarees in single colours with heavy embroidery and beadwork on them are also very popular. Green being the colour of the season on we have sarees in various shades of green. White is another popular colour, in this festive season. White sarees with astute golden design work is perfect for you if you are looking for the right balance between elegance and style. Red again is a popular colour this season and as we all know, you can rarely go wrong on a festival day with a red saree!

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Festive Eid Collection


With the breaking of the fast of Ramadan, there are celebrations galore. Eid is a time to celebrate, to spend time with your loved ones, while you feast on the most delicious food and look your best. With Eid just around the corner, preparations for the three-day feast are at its peak.
Women in the household play a very important role during Eid. It is their responsibility to ensure the entire household comes together and participates in charity, gift-giving and the following feast. Sarees for Eid, hence hold a special relevance to the women of the household, since throughout these three days of celebration women are at the helm of affairs. Our festive collection this season is especially dedicated to making sure that you and all the other women in your family look and feel their best.
Our special Eid collection on has sarees to suit everyone’s needs and tastes. From demure pastel shades to flamboyant shades of red and pink, you will find everything you are looking for. New styles in sarees especially, Lehenga style sarees, are a hot favorite amongst women this season. From chiffons, to rich georgettes to satin, we are here to ensure, that we have the perfect saree for the perfect you.

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