Eminent Personalities Who Participated in #CottonIsCool Campaign

source: Twitter

Cotton comes to our mind first when talking about the summer fashion. The Textiles Minister Smriti Irani recently kicked off #CottonIsCool campaign on Twitter and twitteratis are extremely happy to be a part of this trend. Ms. Irani who is an ardent fan of cotton fabric shared one of her photographs to encourage her followers to flaunt their style in cotton saree. From noted celebrities to sports personalities to eminent politicians are roped in to make #CottonIsCool trend viral. Let’s take a look at those twitter enthusiasts. Continue reading

Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah

Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Maa Rupena Samstitha

Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Shakti Rupena Samstitha

Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Buddhi Rupena Samstitha

Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Lakshmi Rupena Samstitha

Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah

Those who are familiar with the mantra understand what we are hinting at, and those who do not, well… it’s time for the biggest festival of the Year – Durga Puja and Navratra.

Since we are based out of misthi land of Kolkata, we are a little biased towards Durga Puja.

How many of you were awake at 4 in the morning yesterday to listen/watch the Mahalaya relay on radios and TV? Most of us were. With the commencement of Mahalaya, we have reached the onset of Durga Puja. In about 5 days, the entire city of Kolkata will be in a trance which, no matter how much you try, is unexplainable. Larger than life idols of Maa Durga, iconic Pandals, and air filled with fragrance of flowers and mouthwatering food, colorful crowds covering the streets!!! Who needs La Tomatino hen you can have Durga Puja.

As much as we love talking about fashion, Durga Puja is way more than flaunting the season’s latest trends, and gorgeous jewelries. Let’s talk about all the things that comes to mind (or flash in front of your eyes) associated with this grand festival.



Nothing resonate the sound of Durga Puja than these men (at times women) who carry these huge drums (dhaak) and get the party started right away. Starting Shashti, the sixth day, when Maa Durga reveals her face to us ( on the fifth day in some places), until the day Maa bids farewell to us, promising to come back again next year with twice as many surprises and celebrations as the current year. The beats played by Dhaakis all across several Pandals (at times even states) remain the same. Some could even be an improvised version of what’s been played for over years. But one thing’s for sure, you can’t resist from tapping your feet to the floor or nodding your head to the beats of the drums. Like they say, let’s roll the drums and get the party starting!



Since we set the stage with our energetic and exceptional Dhaakis, its time to not just tap your leg and nod your head, but bring on the party and celebration mode totally. And, how about add a twist? Dhunuchi dance is another common tradition seen during Durga Puja worldwide. Dhunuchi is nothing but a type of flared- shape incense burner which is a little larger than most and has an extended stem used for holding it. It’s mostly made of earthenware. Just like an incense stick is used during prayers, Dhunuchi is used during Durga Puja. The burner is filled with burning coal, dried coconut fiber, and camphor sprinkled over the fiber. Apart from being used for the Puja, it is quite common to see Dhunuchi Nritya or Dhunuchi Dance, where participants – male and female, perform with the dhunichis – at times more than just one! Though we agree it’s not everybody’s task to literally play with fire, but it’s a true delight to watch.

The food:


No celebration- Indian or International can ever be complete without food. And, Bengalis are mostly known for their food… And Durga Puja, of course… Mughlai rolls, Fish curry, Prawn made with coconut garnishing, traditional Khichdi (mix of rice and lentils) and Mix vegetables (also known as Laabra), sweets, and even the snacks… Slurpp! Slurrp! Our mouths are watering just think of the. So is yours (come on don’t lie).

The Adda:


If you are familiar with this term, we hereby announce you as a true Bengali! But for those of you who don’t, Adda means nothing but endless chit chatting about anything and everything under the sky. Now you know why we know so much? We hereby crown you as the next True Bengali (since now you know what Adda means.

Sindur Khela:

Sindur Khela During Hindu Festival Durga Puja

Sindur as in Vermillion is an important part of Indian culture. It represents marital bliss. A woman who is married adorns vermillion on her forehead until her husband is alive. On the last day of Durga Puja, i.e. Maha Dashami or Dussehra, as Maa Durga apparently leaves earth to go back to the unknown universe, with a promise to return every year, all married woman gather around Maa Durga and pray to her for their marital life to be happy and prosperous. After the prayer ceremony, they put Sindur on each other’s face and forehead (almost like Holi) which is also a part of the Durga Puja ceremony and denotes celebration of married life and wishing good luck to one another. It’s a magical site to see beautiful Bengali women draped in white and red sarees with bold eyes filled with kohl and skin glowing more because of the red color of the vermillion… Ah! Where in the world can you find a sight like this!

And… And… Of course the Clothes (we couldn’t stay away from it any longer)


Have you seen the amazing collection we have been flaunting on our social media sites? You haven’t? No! This means you are missing out on our autumn sale too. Stop reading this and quickly type in www.sareez.com on that search bar of your computer, and avail the discounts before it’s too late. If you want to take a look at some of our exclusive picks for this festive season, take a look at our Pinterest board. We will keep updating the board and the sites. But, if you like something grab it now before someone else does.

Team Sareez wishes you all a grand Durga Puja and may you have a gala time shopping from our online store and later flaunting them to all your neighborhood!

Sarees You Must Have In The Ethnic Section of Your Wardrobe

With festivals forming such an important part of every Indian’s life, we can’t help ourselves from coming back to this topic every now and then. Especially when we know that in some part of the world you are preparing yourself for the upcoming celebrations of one of the biggest festivals of India – Durga Puja. Some of us call it Navratra, some call it Kullu Dussehra, some call it Bommai Golu, and some even call it Bommala koluvu. No matter what we name the festival, the truth is that each one of us is equally excited about it. However, with festivals also comes the dire necessity to look total ethnic and gorgeous. And, there is nothing that can make u look more stunning and beautiful than the Indian National Dress itself – The Saree.

So, we bring to you a list of top 5 types of sarees that you must include in our wardrobe if you haven’t already.

Taant Sarees


Weaved mostly in West Bengal and Bangladesh, the Taant sarees are soft and comfortable even for the hottest days. These sarees are found in huge varieties; you can find them in bright colors as well as lighter shades and with heavy embroideries to simple thread works. Taant sarees are extremely comfy yet very sophisticated for wearing at festivals, work, or even generally during daytime and thus, is our top choice.

Dhakai Sarees


Originating from and named after Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, the Dhakai sarees come with intricate thread embroideries and buti works. The uniqueness of the sarees is visible in their unconventional blend of simplicity and grandeur. The Dhakai sarees are usually found in cotton or a material called Jamdani. A red and white Dhakai is an ideal saree for any of the Indian festivals.

Banarasi Sarees


While the Banarasi silk sarees are closely associated with the Bengali brides since time immemorial, these are equally suitable for wearing in festivals. The newlyweds are often found having a strong inclination towards this particular variety of Indian ethnic wear. As such, few other varieties of sarees can hardly replace the dignified appeal of a red embroidered Banarasi saree that remains an all-time favorite of Indian women.

Designer Sarees


Whatever the festival or occasion is, looking trendy is important and the designer sarees can serve your purpose perfectly well. You can consider buying the designer sarees online and you will certainly be able to lay your hands upon a wide variety of sarees that strike the right blend of traditional appeal and modern designs.

Paithani Sarees


The combination of the lustrous silk, embroideries in zari and golden thread and peacock designs in the pallu of the sarees makes the Paithani sarees ideal for festivals. Originating in Maharashtra, India, these sarees are also reflective of the Buddhist culture. They have a typical grandeur about them, making them must-have festival sarees in the personal wardrobe of every woman.

Look Gorgeous in only $20.00

Who doesn’t want to look stunning all day everyday? Especially with the upcoming festive and marriage season, the pressure of shopping for picture-perfect clothes and looking like a show-stopper is stressing all of us. Moreover, looking back at our budget is what’s giving us sleepless nights. But like we say always… NO MORE!

Team Sareez brings to you a selection of beautiful casual and party sarees in variety of materials just under the $20 mark.

Below you see only a handful of them but don’t forget to visit the website to take a look at the complete collection.

Brink Pink Faux Georgette Printed Casual and Party Saree

Brink Pink Faux Georgette Printed Casual and Party Saree

Persian Blue and Off-white Faux Georgette Printed Party Saree

Persian Blue and Off-white Faux Georgette Printed Party Saree

Hot Pink Chiffon Printed Casual and Party Saree

Hot Pink Chiffon Printed Casual and Party Saree

Off-white and Deep Lime Green Cotton Printed Casual and Party Saree

Off-white and Deep Lime Green Cotton Printed Casual and Party Saree

Jonquil Yellow Cotton Printed Casual and Party Saree

Jonquil Yellow Cotton Printed Casual and Party Saree

Latest & Popular Trends in the Indian Fashion Industry (2013/2014)

It’s been 5 days since the finale of the show, however, with each season, Lakme Fashion Week brings us all the latest trends in the fashion industry – Indian and Western.

With the approaching wedding season, a lot of our time is going to be spent in shopping for the perfect outfit. So, whether its your sister’s wedding, your BFF’s wedding, or if it’s YOU getting hitched this year, there should be no compromises with the style quotient of your wardrobe at all.

Find below an assorted range of ethnic wear presented by different Fashion Designers during Lakme fashion Week’s various seasons:

Autumn/Winter 2013

 LFWAW2013D2S2aNikhilThampi049preview_0  LFWAW2013D2S5ShantanuGoenka098previewLFWAW2013D2S4bPayalSinghal004preview LFWAW2013D2S7AnitaDongre086review LFWAW2013D3S2bSoupSougatPaul002preview LFWAW2013D4S6VikramPhadnis151previewLFWAW2013D6S1cSonam%26ParasModi039preview LFWAW2013D5S2aGaurang059upload LFWAW2013D5S23KrishnaMehta095preview LFWAW2013D5S24RahulMishra106preview   LFWAW2013D6S5Sabyasachi126preview WLIFWAW2013D1S2bAnupama-Dayal020LFWAW2013D1S1ManishMalhotra020preview WLIFWAW2013D4S2bPiaPauro028


Autumn/Winter 2014

smallLFW'14D1S2cYogeshChaudharyRunway073 smallLFW'14D1S9aAnjuModiRunway157 smallLFW'14D2S1bDivyaShethRunway025

smallLFW'14D2S8bHarshitaChatterjeeRunway063  smallLFW'14D5S8ManishMalhotraRunway189smallLFW'14D3S3bGaurangRunway095  smallLFW'14D4S2cJADERunway007 smallLFW'14D4S7Shantanu%26NikhilRunway142  smallLFW'14D3S3aEKRURunway071 smallpurvi WIFWAW'14D1S1TarunTahiliani138preview smallLFW'14D4S1bAnushreeReddyRunway067WIFWAW'14D1S2aAnupamaDayal074preview WIFWAW'14D2S4bCharuParashar073previewWIFWAW'14D1S2bVineetBahl086preview

Stay tuned for our picks from the Indian Bridal Fashion Week 2013/2014 to be featured in our next post.

Until then, Team Sareez wishes all a very happy and prosperous Ganesha Chaturthi. Stay Blessed and Stay Stylish!

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Ethnic wear is one of the hottest clothing trends in urban India – women from all over the country are going back to the look that binds them to their roots. From ethnic sarees to salwar suits to festive lehenga cholis to kurtis and sherwanis, men and women alike are re-stocking their wardrobes with ethnic clothing.

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Trend Alert – Dazzling the IIFA Awards


The year’s biggest award ceremony for the Indian film industry, the IIFA awards was recently held at The Venetian Macao, Macau. Hosted by Shahrukh Khan and Shahid Kapoor, the show was a raging hit, with the glitterati of Bollywood gracing the red carpet in style.

Needless to say everyone at the IIFA awards was dressed impeccably in designer clothes; however the ladies of the evening, dressed in exquisite sarees really took the cake. Bollywood style icon Vidya Balan in her black with gold embellished appliqué patch work lehenga saree by Anand Kabra lehenga, as always managed to be the centre of attention. The carelessly done fishtail plait and the contrasting white, V necked, full sleeve blouse, with gold embroidery around the neck added to the appeal.

Madhuri Dixit, with her delicate black net saree designed by Karishma and Monica, stole the show. Gold embellished patchwork within red borders heightened the appeal of the saree. Her chic hairdo, and exemplary make up added oodles of elegance to the timeless appeal of this timeless beauty!

Two other women were spotted looking extraordinarily hot in their designer sarees. Shriya Saran in her lime green faux georgette saree designed by Manish Malhotra, was quite the diva of the evening, while Divya Dutta was seen in a bright red saree, with a matching bindi to complete the look.