Celebrities who caught our attention in Mijwan 2017 fashion show

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Mijwan Summer 2017, a fundraiser fashion show recently held in Mumbai. The gala event was hosted by the yesteryear diva Shabana Azmi. The veteran designer Manish Malhotra presented his Chikankari collection in the star-studded show. Let’s take a closer look at the celebrities who made their presence felt in the charity event with great panache. Continue reading

Tips to handle Prenuptial Stress

source: ljdjsblog

source: ljdjsblog

Planning a wedding is very stressful. Even though you have already invested months, thinking about it, as the weeks narrow down, a claustrophobic feeling engulfs every bride and groom to be. That’s stress!

Are you a victim too?

Let us first, narrow down the symptoms:

  • Irritability
  • Lack of sleep
  • Exhaustion
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of concentration

The culprits?    

Expectations, Expenses, Co-ordinations, Decisions, Decisions, and more Decisions.

source: pembrokedentist

source: pembrokedentist

Sounds familiar?

Here are a few stress-busting tips that usually help to unwind-

Sleep– Switch off all your gadgets and get a considerable dose of sleep every night. Relax well before your sleeping time by reading a book that has been waiting on your table for months, or listen to the music that you enjoy. Try meditating; it will help you relax considerably.

source: drcamphealth

source: drcamphealth

Make sure to get your daily dose of 8 hours of sleep.

Allocate– It may be your wedding, but you are not a superhuman that you think that you are. So allocate the tasks to your friends and family. You will find plenty of willing volunteers. Give them tasks according to their capabilities and just follow-up to make sure that everything is being done. You will find a sister or a friend who will know a lot about wedding lehenga cholis. Ask her to find out a good designer for you- she will! A cousin must be there who knows a good catering agency, ask him for their number.

Talk, tell and trust!

source: d1zpvjny0s6omk.cloudfront

source: d1zpvjny0s6omk.cloudfront

Consult– There are a lot of things that cannot be decided alone. For example, shopping for the wedding trousseau, or setting the wedding menu or finalizing the wedding venue, etc. Bring together the people you trust and consult, instead of taking the entire load on yourself. For example- if you are too tied up to go shopping, try online shopping. Sit with your family and browse through the net. You will get a wide variety of wedding lehengas online. You will also get the aid of the online fashion consultants regarding the lehenga choli designs for the wedding.

Price: $647.90

Price: $647.90

Deciding together will certainly shift some of the stress off your shoulders.

Take Care– It is your wedding that is coming up so take plenty of care of yourself. Set a balanced diet for yourself, plan a light exercise regimen, get appointments for spas and beauty treatments and remember to stay well hydrated.

source: indianbeauty

source: indianbeauty

Feel better, inside out.

The Dress Design story of Mohenjo Daro

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source: mrbass.org

We are once again set to experience the magic of Neeta Lulla, in Ashutosh Gowariker’s forthcoming, epic adventure-romance film Mohenjo Daro. The film is set in the era of the Indus Valley civilization that dates back to 2600 BC.

To give the actors a perfect look, the costumes of the cast, including that of Hrithik Roshan, were initially designed by the Oscar nominated and Emmy award winner, designer- April Ferry.

April Ferry

April Ferry

Owing to a reschedule in the plan and progress of the film, due to Hrithik’s injury, April had to leave. Neeta Lulla took over gracefully from her, on request. Adding on Neeta to the designing crew was like the final addition of a cherry on the already delicious cake!

source: indianexpress

source: indianexpress

Going by the name of the film, Mohenjo Daro, one would expect the first look to be very true to the essence of the film and imagine the protagonist to be dressed in something that is very raw, rustic, basic and handmade considering the era it is set in.

source: movies.ndtv

source: movies.ndtv

Working for the era, was definitely a challenging task as it required to travel in an era that we visited just through history books. Although references have been used from the archaeological excavations of the Indus Valley sites, nobody actually knows how the people of the  Harappan age actually looked like so it will be interesting to know what designers has in mind.

Neeta Lulla

Neeta Lulla

Neeta Lulla is an established name in the fashion industry for almost two decades now. Hailed as the ‘Czarina of Indian Fashion’, Neeta Lulla is today a force to reckon with, in the glamour and fashion industry. Expertise, clarity and creativity, humility arising from her quiet confidence has earned her both respect and clientele of Bollywood’s rich and famous. She has already created costumes for the long lost era, in larger than life movies like Jodhaa Akbar and Devdas.

source: pages.rediff

source: pages.rediff

Neeta began her career as an assistant of the former leading fashion choreographer of India, Jeanne Naoroji in late 1980. She gained experience and knowledge and was introduced in the Bollywood fraternity with the film Tamasha, where she designed costumes for Kimi Katker.

The spotlight finally fell on Neeta with the movie “Lamhe”. Where she styled for Sridevi, simplicity with elegance and subtle appeal, which not only gained her appreciation but a national award for her designs. Her journey in the fashion and film fraternity has had no looking back since then.

source: movies.ndtv

source: movies.ndtv

Having earlier worked with him on Jodhaa Akbar, What’s Your Rashee?, and Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey, this will be Neeta Lulla’s fourth film with Ashutosh Gowariker. Judging by the first look of the film from the freshly released teaser, we are surely in due for a grand treatment. Where Hrithik’s look had more of a rugged flavor, Pooja Hedge’s appearance was shockingly royal. Dressed in Neeta Lulla attire, in blue and red, with a bejewelled headgear, her role as “Chaani”, in her debut film has created enough sensations already.

source: india.com

source: india.com

It will be quite interesting to find out whether Lulla once again manages to blow the audience’s mind with rich, charismatic fashion statements  that enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the film Mohenjo Daro.

Trendy Christmas

Hey! When it’s Christmas, how can you sit at home and do nothing awesome and irresistible. While the world is gearing up for rejoicing during Christmas, you can add an extra dose by shopping for the festival even if you from other religions.

Christmas time means party time for many of you and for parties you need lots and lots of trendy clothes. So let us what can be Santa’s menu for you this Christmas to deck you up for Christmas and parties and make this Christmas unforgettable for you.

What stores gives us

There really are a plenty of the online websites as well as the high street stores for you to choose your Christmas dresses, so that you can get the perfect style for you. It does not matter what type of body shape you have, you will easily be able to locate the dresses of your style, your likes and your shape and size. You will also be able to choose the trends which are a bit different if you like.

Color code

Red party wear saree

Sku Code: 415-5820SA950260, Price: $252.00

There are a number of styles that would be a great deal better appropriate to Christmas parties, such as the fashion for the oxblood color. This color resembles close to burgundy or maroon, which several people associate with the festive season of Christmas. You may perhaps pick a dress which is exclusively of oxblood color. In addition you can get yourself accessorize with oxblood colored earrings, chokers or bracelets, which are in fashion at the moment.

Fabrics trends

Velvet Salwar Kameez

Sku Code: 395-6564SL469542, Price: $105.00

Velvet, chiffon, Georgette and jacquard are some of the fabrics which you can locate in heap supply on this festive season online and also in street stores. The dresses made of these fabrics suggest a picture of lavishness and fashion. The picture of this sort could be ideal for any Christmas party you are going to attend.

Fusion of dresses

Red Fusion Dress

Sku Code: 456-6402GW835248, Price: $71.00

You may possibly go for dresses with mix and match tops and bottoms, like western dresses with or without suitable bottoms. In Indian dresses you can choose short kurtis and stylish leggings, long skirts and tops, even a gorgeous anarkali kameez will be great for party. Off course the theme of the Christmas party is something important to be kept in mind before shopping and selecting your dresses.

You can get your dresses in a range of styles as well, so your choices needn’t be restricted. For something a little bit elegant, choose a dress fitting you the best and pair it with some heels and carefully selected accessories and makeup to get your look just perfect.

Comment and share your valuable suggestions in the box below. Stay stylish!!

Anju Modi on Bajirao Mastani Look

Hey, have you watched the theatrical teaser of Bajirao Mastani? No? Then see it today itself on YouTube or at any music channel on your TV screen.

If you are aware of the know-no-bounds work of Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, you can just try to imagine what we are going to get onscreen soon with this latest movie of him, his dream project, Bajirao Mastani having Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh as the glowing star cast for the epic love story.

Image Source: http://goo.gl/lu5Kiy

Image Source: http://goo.gl/lu5Kiy

The last movie of SLB was Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela, whose costume was designed by Fashion designer Anju Modi, making her debut in Bollywood with the movie. Did you remember the grandeur of the costumes? Then you can imagine working with her what the director is going to give us this time as well.

As a designer she has always preferred to go for the traditional Indian way as her inspiration and as per sources, Modi has carried out severe research work for getting the correct look of Bajirao Mastani and get the right ambiance.

Image Source: http://goo.gl/SgkFrm

Image Source: http://goo.gl/SgkFrm

She said that she studied history and travelled various parts of Maharashtra with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, went into the interiors and visited museums to get a sense of what used to be there. According to her this gave a chance to bring out elements from the Maharashtrian culture, be it in Kashibai’s navvaris or Bajirao’s dhotis or Mastani’s dupattas, shararas, angrakhas and veils.

Image Source: http://goo.gl/AJdJdY

Image Source: http://goo.gl/AJdJdY

Not just the costumes, they are using expensive pieces of jewellery, which Anju is taking on the task from best jewellery designers of the nation such as Shri Hari Jewellers from Delhi and PN Gadgil from Pune. She used the best materials which includes antique stones, uncut diamonds and Basra pearls, as this is a period movie which is set against a regal backdrop offering the authentic look to the characters.

Source: pages.rediff.com

Source: pages.rediff.com

By now if you have seen the teaser and have seen Deepika Padukone aka Mastani of the movie, then sure you are drooling over the costume. Designed in line with Vaastu which Anju sees as an intuitive science, her favourite shades are indigo blue and ash grey.

All of us are waiting eagerly for the release of SLB’s dream project. Aren’t you? Keep an eye to this space for more posts and leave your comments in the box below. Stay stylish till we meet next!!

Summer Genius: Five pastels to own

Whites are best for summer, that’s what we all know. They are the fun of the summer. But is it possible for you to fashion in white every day, with so much dust and pollution on the city roads?

The sun god is working overtime to ensure that he gets noticed and talked about everyday by all of us. Every morning we wake up and search for that piece of clothing that will be soothing to our eyes and comfortable to wear.

Pastel shades are synonymous with summertime. Don’t you think they are? These shades bring a perfect choice of the kind of summer you have in mind and also for the lazy days, we know the summer brings. Indeed, the pastel shades will make the summer fashion worthy.

Pink Pastel Prop

Pink Saree

Sku Code:10-5418SA660755, Price:$47

Pink pastel dresses are here to sweeten up your summer. Most of you must be in love with pink. But when the shade is pink pastel, all the dresses look minimal and effortless for the season.

 Bright Yellow Pastel

Yellow Saree

Sku Code:293-5430SA580649, Price:$32

Add a new life to your wardrobe with pastel yellow hues. Wear your favourite dresses of this shade from head to toe. You can spice up your looks with some lavish pieces of jewellery. But as this is summer, try to keep your look cool.

 Angelic Pastel Blue

Blue Salwar

Sku Code:372-5356SL886428, Price:$40

Complimenting blue pastel shade with some dark with earthy neutrals like beige, warm brown, camel and sand will bring instant success in summer fashion for you.

Delicate Pastel Green

Green Kurti

Sku Code:12-5019KT151609, Price:$25

This is a pretty soothing pastel shade for summer fashion. This can be also called delicate natural shade. If you are in love for kurtis, go for pastel green coloured kurtis with some minimal jewellery complimenting it.

Magical Magenta Pastel

Magenta Saree

Sku Code:315-5413SA724833, Price:$28

This is a cozy and magical pastel shade loved by many for your summer fashion. Opt this pastel shade for sarees and give a simple hot look to yourself. Dress in floral magenta pastel shade for your next summer party and rule the floor.


Playing with pastel shades aim for timeless simplicity, but it also add a bold tinge of fashion to balance off your look. Ensure all the pastel shades you are wearing share the same level of intensity. Off course, do not wear all the pastel shades you have in your wardrobe or have bought to wear at the same time. It will probably appear as rainbow fashion.

Voice your opinions and suggestions in the comment box. Stay cool and fashionable in the summer with pastels!!!!

Interesting Facts of May Day from all Around the World

Labor Day, originally is a holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September in the United States.
Started as a celebration of the American labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers.
It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of their country.
Here is the info-graphic that shows the celebration of 1st May in different countries.