Lakme Fashion Week – Featuring the Looms of India

Made in India”- that has always been the main focus of the Lakme Fashion Week. With its 8th Indian Handlooms and Textile Day, renamed as the “Sustainable and Indian Textile Day”- dedicated to the textile craftsmen of Varanasi, it displayed to the world the richness of Indian textile and handlooms.

It was a classic show of fusion, mixing the traditional with the contemporary. The artisans, the designers showed their absolute capability in merging the age old handlooms of this country to reinvent contemporary and more westernized wears. The transformation, displayed all along the week long show, revealed the versatility of the Indian handlooms and of course the ingenuity of the Indian designers.



It provided the viewers and all fashion related associates present at the show, a considerable dose of “desi weaves” in sustainable fashion. The whole show was intended to connect the youth with their roots and thus promote the weavers and craftsmen of India, which it successfully did.

Khadi, Ikkats, Banarasi, Sujnis, Ajrakhs- the various crafts and colors of India was highlighted in the week long extravaganza. It was a conscious and a persistent effort to do away with any discriminating lines that form barriers between the new and old, livable and sexy, national and international, and to present to the world a viable yet classy look of any global citizen.

From shorts and dresses, from the label P.E.L.L.A. – made of “ahimsa silk” and tailored with zero-waste techniques that wooed the audience as party wears; to the handwoven benaras sarees from the designer duo Swati and Sunaina that revived the dying craft, the day started with the promise of setting a fashion benchmark.

The show moved on further as the designer Swati Kalsi displayed the unique designs of “sujni” on her crafted garments. The rest of the designer labels, whose creations were ramped that day were Mrinalini, with her jersey-based apparels, Debashri Samanta’s collection of flowing dresses with innovative cuts and other renowned names too. Each of the pieces played with the subconscious of the viewers with the promise of providing ultimate individuality with equal comfort.



In its 16th year the Lakme Fashion Week 2016 showcased all the leading designers of the fashion , along with freshers making their debut in the world of the connoisseurs. Promoting the initiative- “Make in India” it was a show that rooted you to your culture while being at par with the rest of the world in terms of fashion and style.

Find your own style statement and choose a unique way of staying connected to the crafts and culture of India by shopping at We too have a substantial collection of heritage rich handloom wear.


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