The Earth Song: An Autumnal Story by Anita Dongre

The AIFW is a biannual show that takes place in Delhi every year, for 27 years in the past. It is a five day event where the best designers of the country get to showcase their talent and is a fashion connoisseur’s delight. This year the event commenced on 16th of March and had most of the big names displaying their talent in front of the national and international media and guests.

Just a few weeks away from The Earth Day 2016, which is to be celebrated on Friday, April 22nd this year, Anita Dongre introduced her Autumn and Winter collection of the year at Amazon India Fashion Week 2016 in perfect blend with the nature.

Anita Dongre’s showcased her forte on the second day of the show. True to the spirit of the forthcoming Earth Day, Anita‘s AW 2016 collection, The Earth Song wooed the audience with its collage of nature’s mellowed vibrancy.

Anita Dongre’s signature style, that oozes the casual “boho chic” look with ample sophistication, to be worn at a board meeting as well as to a chic event as this, evoked earthly and Indian charm. Block prints dominated the scene as the soft foliage of the falls reigned the ramp. Anita reached to the root of the Indian culture by highlighting traditional weaves and the daintiness of the “kantha work” on the elegantly styled jumpsuits, pinafores, shirt dresses and jackets that she presented.



For her AW collection Anita used traditional tie and dye techniques of the “bandhej” and “shibori” to bring out the beauty of the cascading nature. She also used layers to emphasize the comfort of her cut that very craftily creates a fusion of the traditional with the contemporary. She jazzed up the attires, cleverly, where necessary, like the metal detailing on the long jackets,without being too ostentatious. Every piece displayed on the ramp, told a different story associated with the earthiness of autumn.

Her signature label, Grass root featured in the show, that focuses on sustainable fashion was a showcase of indo-western wear in a varied palette of colors like cream, pearl, fawn, granite, indigo and of course a bright fall red. Most of the material she chose were from Bhagalpur and Bhujodi.

Anita openly romanced with nature on the ramp and played with aesthetic beauty tied up well with wearability of each of her designer pieces. Synced beautifully with the soft music and lyrics of “Let Her Go” her collection told tales of comfort in style and got all the worthy compliments she rightly deserves.


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