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Indian weavers make the world’s most expensive saree

worlds most expensive sareeHow much can you spend on a saree? A couple of thousands? May be at the most Hundred thousand? Well now the range will stop at Rupees 40 hundred thousand or $100,000. Behold the most expensive saree in the world! You might be guessing what might have gone inside the saree to claim this gigantic price? Well a grand fabric, exquisite jewels and believe it or not paintings.

Chennai based textile house, ‘The Chennai Silk” has carefully woven a silk saree with 12 valuable metals and stones, imitating 11 renowned paintings of Raja Ravi Verma. This saree has secured a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “world’s most expensive saree.” The handloom weavers of “The Chennai Silks” have replicated Ravi Verma’s highly praised painting “Lady Musicians” on the pallu which exhibits female musicians from different cultural backgrounds. The saree weighs around 8 kilograms.

The talented artist has been given a tribute in the border of the saree as well, which flaunts another 10 paintings of Ravi Verma along with the intricate details of the ladies like curly hair, and the jewelry worn by them.

Some of the precious stones that have gone into the saree are ruby, emerald, gold, diamond sapphire, silver, cat’s eye, yellow sapphire, coral, pearl and platinum. These have been used to beautify the women attributes in the paintings which are carefully hand woven into the saree in convoluted patterns. In order to create this saree, the efforts of 4,680 man-hours and a team of 30 skilled weavers, using a double warp, for seven months were involved. The saree embraces 7,440 jacquard hooks, which are instrumental in fabricating a design and 66,794 cards that are punched to create a precise design using CAD software.

This unique saree was launched in a star-studded occasion in the presence of celebrities like Mani Ratnam, Suhasini, Shobhana and Jeeva.

The proud Director of Chennai Silks proclaims that ‘This is the first time gems and art have been (put) together to make a sari’, and interestingly this saree is up for sale. A creation, which is truly art in itself, can be worn by a bride and is not meant for only creating a record. The Director further states that many have enquired about the saree and they hope to sell it quite soon.

Handy tips to select the right wedding lehenga!

A wedding lehenga is one of the costliest items of any girl’s wardrobe and some women who want to take the easy way out often rent it for their wedding. But if you are one of those, who want nothing but the best and intend to purchase a lehenga that will remain a precious memory for all times to come then having adequate knowledge about all types of lehengas is a must. Bridal Lehenga

For the benefit of readers in the western world, I would briefly elucidate what a Lehenga is. It is basically an ankle-length skirt (popular in the Indian subcontinent) that is draped around the waist while the choli is a midriff-revealing blouse and the dupatta is just like a stole that is slung around the neck. Some women prefer to get their wedding bridal lehengas stitched while others prefer to buy a ready made lehenga for convenience and ease of use.

One should choose lehengas according to one’s style and preference keeping comfort as the top priority and not just the style quotient. Some curvaceous women might prefer the fish cut or straight cut style lehengas while others may go in for A-line or flared lehengas. Depending upon one’s body type the right kind of lehenga can be chosen.

Dusky women should choose dark colours like purple, deep blue and similar such colours that complement the skin tone. If you are planning to go for a dark coloured lehenga then a velvet lehenga would be the best option as it offers the perfect blend of comfort and style. In fact, buying a ready made wedding bridal lehenga made of velvet from any online store is a much sensible option as you can choose from a vast smorgasbord of designs and also be assured of doorstep deliveries. If you want you can even get velvet lehengas designed as per your specifications by sending an image of your desired design and the lehenga will be delivered at your doorstep in a few working days.

If all this sounds exciting, then why don’t you check out an online saree portal today and tell us about your experience.

Latest Printed Sarees Collection 2011

Newly Arrived Designer Floral Printed Sarees, Abstract Printed Sarees Collection for the Year 2011

How to Preserve Georgette Sarees – Helpful Tips

Learn how to preserve your favorite designer georgette sarees ever after

Georgette sarees being highly vulnerable to tear tend to lose their shape if kept hanging for a long time. It is advisable to refold these sarees from time to time as tears start appearing on creases if they remain folded in the same position for a long time.

The 5 Most Trend Setting Saree Scenes of Bollywood

The wide diversity in Bollywood Sarees has always caught the fancy of its audience, as Bollywood surely knows how to get the proper blend of quality fabric with quality designs. To breathe life into the gorgeous outfits, our celebrities from the industry are ever ready to carry their sarees in the most exotic styles leaving the audience demanding for more.

The sarees worn by Bollywood heroines like Mumtaz, Hema Malini, Rekha, Sri Devi, Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai Bachaan, Sushmita Sen and Vidya Balan have etched a special place in the memory of the people.

Among the wide array of such sarees worn in certain films, here is our pick of the five most trend setting saree – sequences of Bollywood, which you cannot forget:

Film: Bramhachari – Mumtaz in Sharara Saree

mumtaz in sharara sareeIn the late 60’s Mumtaz was seen in a Sharara Saree in the film “Bramhachari,” which later became so popular that till date this type of saree is known to be Mumtaz Sarees. In spite of not playing the lead character in this film, Mumtaz in the song “Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charchey” was able to bask in the limelight due to her sparkling and glittering bright orange saree, draped unconventionally like a sharara, twice around the hip and the knee. With a short pallu, this saree gave a slim effect to Mumtaz, and it was neatly pleated with just 1 pin to hold the saree over the shoulder. This uber cool style became a hugely popular and encouraged experimentation with Sarees.

Film: Silsila – Rekha with pastel-colored Chiffon Sarees

rekha saree in silsilaThroughout the movie “Silsila,” Rekha has sported pastel colored chiffon sarees, teamed with sleeveless brushed silk cholis to essay the role of elegant, graceful and impish Chandni. The look was completed with her long tresses flowing, intoxicating eye-makeup and dark berry colored lip-gloss. Designer Leena Daru has made Rekha wear solid pastel shades with halter neck blouses, tying around the neck.

Film: Mr. India – Sri Devi in Chiffon Saree

sridevi chiffon saree in mr indiaSri Devi defined in the song “Kaatey nahin Kattey, yeh din..” how a simple blue chiffon saree could become the ultimate symbol of sultriness. In a bid to entice an invisible Mr. India, Sri Devi made it sure that the entire Indian male race to go spellbound. Probably the most sensuous rain dance was made complete due to the blue chiffon saree, which became a favorite with celebrities for award functions, where they dressed in embroidered yet simple Chiffon sarees for the “Ommph” factor.

Film: Hum Apke Hain Kaun – Madhuri Dixit in Satin saree

madhuri dixit in saree in hum aapke hain kaunThe unforgettable Madhuri Dixit in a crystal studded purple-blue satin sari, dancing to “Didi tera dewar” of “Hum Apke Hain Kaun” made young girls ardently creating replicas of the outfit throughout India. According to a fashion magazine, this design of saree remained popular as the largest selling design. Not only were the girls floored with this look, but the boys were also left drooling with the back open choli of Madhuri.

Film: Devdas, Aishwarya Rai in Blue Banarasi Saree

aishwarya rai in blue banarasi saree in devdasDevdas’s Paro has been given an immortal look in this film with Aishwarya pensively standing in a heavily embroidered blue Banarasi Saree with the typical Bengali “chabi guchho” (Key Ring) tugged at the end of the saree, long sleeved saree blouse with intricate work done on the neckline and on the sleeves. Along with the profoundly decked saree, Aishwarya harmonized it with authentic traditional jewelry to complete the look.


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